Steele Bends Over Again

michael-steeleWell that didn’t take long.


GQ: Are you saying you think women have the right to choose abortion?

STEELE: Yeah. I mean, again, I think that’s an individual choice.


I am pro-life, always have been, always will be.… In my view Roe vs. Wade was wrongly decided and should be repealed.

First Rush, then Joe the Plumber, now this.  Guy must be bleeding from the asshole.

Steele Bends Under Far-Right Pressure [Think Progress]

Dude’s going to get his knees busted up if he loses the by-election in that New York congressional race to fill Gillibrand’s seat. March 31 — getcha popcorn ready.

(Incidentally: district is the ancestral home of the Bureau and of the Prodigal Mommy 1.0.)

Here’s a real beauty: GOP chair denies the two women he was caught with were prostitutes:

Palatine GOP chief Gary Skoien says wife attacked him
2 women who were at his home were not prostitutes, he says
By Carolyn Starks | Tribune reporter
March 12, 2009
A top suburban Republican said he sought a restraining order against his wife who was charged with attacking him over the weekend after she discovered he had invited two women to their Inverness home.

A police report refers to the women as prostitutes. But Gary Skoien, Palatine Township GOP committeeman and a former Cook County Republican chairman, disputed the report and said Wednesday he was working to correct it.

Skoien said two female friends were visiting around 1 a.m. Sunday, when his wife, Eni, who had returned home a bit earlier, came downstairs and attacked him.

“I was not in a compromising position other than I had friends over to my house,” Skoien said.

@Prommie: Meh, until it comes out the women were underaged trans-boyz and there was a kilo of cocaine or meth in the living room or some hard core S&M toys, I’m going to give it one and a half diapers.

@SanFranLefty: Its the wife catching him, and then hitting him in the head with a guitar, thats the beautiful part. Come on, thats so cool.

0 diapers because it is a Repub Sex Scandal
+1 diapers because it isn’t a Repub Gay Sex Scandal
0 diapers because it involved women
+2 diapers for getting caught by the wife and being beat up by her with a guitar.
+1 diaper because it involved prostitutes
+1 diaper for the threesome
+1 diaper for having said threesome in the kid’s playroom. Who the hell would have sex in a kid’s playroom? I’ll bet he gets hard when he sees a McD with a Ronald McDonald Funhouse.

I give it a total of 6 diapers.

@ManchuCandidate: @Prommie: Okay, I didn’t read the story and get the detail about the kid’s playroom and the guitar. I’ll give it 2.25 diapers.

@ManchuCandidate: I like that analysis; its certainly no “two wet suits and a dildo in the ass,” but face it, that was a rare and miraculous scandal, we can’t expect that very often. Threesome, prostitutes, caught by wife, beat up with guitar, children’s playroom, these are all positives, indeed.

No one can top Jerry Falwell’s Alabama buddy. That is an 11 on the diaper scale.

Someone said it was a Guitar Hero Guitar.

Bonus diaper if the threesome involved a rockstar fantasy and -2 diapers if Nickelback’s song “Rockstar” was playing in the background.

I’d say a bonus diaper is called for based on him trying to brazen it out by claiming the two women in his basement at 1 am when his wife was out were simply “visiting friends.”

I couldn’t help but noticing this too while I was on the Tribune site: Chicago to lose another landmark, at least in name. First came Comiskey Park U.S. Cellular Field, then Marshall Field’s Macy’s, and now the Sear’s Willis Tower. Of course, these are ALL names of business tycoons or companies, past and present, but it’s still sad.

I recommend that Steele just use poppers to get used to getting fucked rough and hard by the usual suspects. Ironically, I recommend Rush (TM).

@Prommie: God dammit Prommie. I was actually going to post today (try not to faint with surprise) with this story and you stole my thunder.

@Prommie: Meh. I’m with SanFranLefty. It’s at the point where I’m not even surprised by this stuff anymore.
GOP sex scandal? Must be a day ending in y.

TJ/Sorry for not being around the last couple days…been kinda busy, as we have added a new member to our family. Yes, Mr. ‘Catt and I are the proud parents of a American Stafordshire mix PUPPEH! Pics to come this weekend, I promise. He is le plus ultra, the very avatar of puppehs.

@Prommie: I love this part:

The allegation is in a domestic battery report from Skoien, 55, against his 36-year-old, 5-foot-4-inch, 110-pound wife. He said she beat him with her fists and an electric guitar.

Two hookers at once is pretty good, but he loses points b/c it wasn’t hot gay sex. Damn I miss Bob Allen.

@blogenfreude: When you get two hookers, there is sure to be some gay going on someway, somehow, what, lesbian performances don’t count?

@Prommie: Excellent story. I think the location (childrens’ playroom) plus weapon (incongruous guitar) plus number of simultaneous hookers (two) raises this story from the banal to the laughable.

@Prommie: I thought “girl on girl’ wasn’t the same as ‘lesbian’. I need to know.

@Prommie: Lesbian performances in fact, do not count. For instance, a year ago I was lucky enough to participate in a threesome with the girlfriend and this other girl. When friends found out they were like “OHHH SWEEET DOOD,” however if I had said it was two guys they would have been like “EEWWwwwWW dont tell me that” because, well, we are all secksist bastards.

@Prommie: Doesn’t count – the only GOP lesbian episodes occur in Mary Cheney’s bedroom and Lynne Cheney’s books.

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!:
Yay pup!
Our Otto (beautyest dog ever) is an AmStaff (or AmStaff mix, depending on who’s saying.)
If you want a large dog hogging the blankets at night, be sure to train him early to sleep on the bed with you. Worked for us…
Congratulations – they are great dogs with wonderful, affectionate, goofy personalities. When Otto gets really happy, he howls, and it is good.

I think they’re all picking on Michael Steele because he’s black.


Hmm. That is actually an interesting sociological point. Back when I was young and enraged and involved in identity politics through the Lesbian and Gay center in the West Village, it was considered an immense gaffe to subsume the identity of Lesbians into that of teh Gayz. This was back in the early to mid-nineties, though, and we all were very sensitive to that kind of thing. Remember, we at that time thought M. Butterfly had been most brilliant piece of theatre ever produced, Angels in America was still playing on Broadway, and Rent and Love! Valour! Compassion! were waiting in the wings, so we queers had a cultural chip on our shoulder the size of a sandstone countertop.

Now though, I’ve noticed that the babyfags and protodykes use the term interchangeably. This either means that identity is less specific for them, or that they don’t have sticks up their asses about everything like we did.

I suspect it is the latter.


Awww. We let him sleep with us last night. He was so cute this morning after we got up because after the hard shelter floor for the last week the warm bed must have seemed like heaven, because he sat at the end of it and whined all morning to get back in.


Straight guy heaven. I too achieved the dream, my friend- hooked up with a hot Asian boy couple who were nearly identical in looks, back in the day. I have feeling they did it a lot, they were very good at it.


Michael Steele is black? I thought he was a Chocolate-American. His pictures always make him look like he was made by the same people that make those milk chocolate bunnies at Easter.

Live and learn, I guess.

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!: I have two words for you: crate training.

Of course you know all about it but I’m still saying those two words.

@Benedick: @blogenfreude: @shortsshortsshorts: @Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!:

I did not know that! I mean, gay and lesbian and “girl on girl” being very different things viewed differently by different people like that.

I liked that movie, though, with Mariel Hemingway.

@Benedick: Crate training is the bestest thing in the whole wide world. Everybody wins. Adopt a greyhound.

@Prommie: @Benedick: It’s the difference between two girls doing it for their own sakes vs. doing it for the sake of a guy watching. Pure and simple (at least in my book).

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!: As far as terminology goes, my understanding is that’s what the term queer was becoming–an orientation qualifier that’s gender-neutral. At least, that’s what I’ve heard as the alternate interpretation of the Q in LGBTQ acronym, as opposed to questioning.

@flippin eck:

Yes, but older gays and lesbians remember a time when “queer” was an epithet. It is less so now, I think- I am less involved with LGBTQ activism now. I get a little tired of the alphabet soup…I wish we could just find something to use that wouldn’t bother anybody and just use that. Like “awesome”. “Awesome Pride Parade” has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!:
I have to agree with Benedick and Prommie. Crate training. Let the pup know that this is his/her bed. Our dog had all the warm blankets and pillows (my mom really pampered her) in her crate. Dogs understand territory and they have to know where they can and can’t go.

I loved my dog very much but she got on my nerves sometimes because loved to hog space. There were times I would be watching TV at one end of the couch and she would lie down next to me and sleep. As I focused on the TV she would scratch my leg so I would move, but my dog would snuggle in close so I eventually found myself on the other end of the couch.

One thing my dog loved to do was jump into just out of the dryer clothing and bury herself into the warm clean sheets (she loved the smell of Downie.) My mom tolerated that till she discovered a lot of red dog hair all over her just cleaned sheets.

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!: I suspect some in the GOP are just now discovering that their leader is a black man.

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!: Awesome Pride Parade is something I might actually make an effort to attend!

@flippin eck: That’s what I thought it was. Plus ‘girl on girl’ to me suggests a certain amount of lip gloss. ‘Lesbian’ does not.

@ManchuCandidate: @Benedick:

I put him in the crate last night to start and was able to listen to his whimpering for about 45 seconds before collapsing into a puddle of mush and giving him exactly what he wanted.

I am the one that needs crate training, I’m afraid- or “Don’t-open-the-crate-door, softie” training, perhaps.

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!: He’s training you!

Hey, girl on girl may not really be teh true gay, but its worth a point on the sex-scandal titillation and embarrasment scale, no?

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!:
Although we never crate trained Otto*, I second the idea. The crate isn’t punishment (and must never be used that way) – it is the dog’s own “room” and it is a great thing.
*We inherited him at the age of three after my brother passed away, so we never had him as a puppy. He doesn’t get to be on the furniture, but I insisted on letting him sleep with us because he had been bounced from person to person and house to house for a while before we took him and I thought he might need the extra reassurance. (I can justify nearly anything.) I thought he would abandon the bed for his own (aspensive and comfy dog bed) after he settled in. Not so much.

Pedonator / Tommmcatt: And now the other black Republican, Ken Blackwell, is in with this pander-blast statement:

Ken Blackwell, a former rival of Steele for the RNC chairmanship, told the conservative Web site…

[HA! Excuse me.]

…that Steele needs to “re-read the Bible, the U.S. Constitution, and the 2008 GOP Platform.”

In that order, natch.

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!:

With Daisy, a dog we did have from puppydom, we did the crate training. Oh, the crying and whining! It was really hard. Try to think long-term. If you can make it a few nights, it does get easier – and your puppy will still love you, I promise.
(And now that you all can see a pic of Otto, there goes my anonymity – at least if you live in or near Culver City…)

[The following is an earnest editorial comment.]

Michael Steele ripped on Rush Limbaugh, and at least gave lip-service to the concept of individual liberty and privacy. He was right both times. That he was forced to immediately retract these comments by party officials and insiders speaks volumes about both entities. Steele himself has proven to be bold only when there is no risk, and spineless otherwise. The GOP has turned into a completely monolithic, reactionary force that does not allow, even for a moment, even the mildest dissent. Bad news for both of them. Steele’s run as RNC chair may be nearing its end. The GOP’s existence as a serious national party may follow him to the political grave.

[This was an earnest editorial comment. We now return to regularly-scheduled wisecracks.]

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!: You should feed him in the crate and put him in it from time to time during the day. Put a water bowl in there. If it’s comfortable and warm, big enough for him to turn around in and, perhaps, give him a protected feeling, he’ll come to think of it as his place and go there himself. Always leave the door open when he isn’t in it. You’ll have him housebroken and confident in no time. We’ve now used a crate for six of our dogs. Puppies need to be calmed and allowed to sleep. The crate is your friend.

Oh, Sully has a brilliant piece of reporting here. Turns out the interview in question happened a few weeks ago, and that Michael Steele said in that interview that he (essentially) favored civil unions / domestic partnership laws (or at least the rights that would be afforded through such things, perhaps under different names or something). Later that day: he tells Mike Gallagher that civil unions are bad — categorically.

Can I just say this? Michael Steele? I LOVE THIS MAN.

@chicago bureau:

As it stands right now, the GOP already does not exist as a serious party, if by “serious party” you mean a party that will genuinely engage with challenges and make serious efforts to come up with actual solutions.

As for the political graveyard, I am just trying to figure out how long it will be before they join the Whigs.
Maybe two more election cycles?
Can we start a pool?

I am reluctant to compare an African-American to an animal in any way, shape, or form, but I feel it needs to be said.

Michael Steele needs crate training.

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!:
yay puppehcatt!!!!!! congrats daddy!
my 2 cents on the crate thing. my 2 dogs (on their 1st flight to me RIGHT NOW, but i won’t see them til monday)
one loves his crate, sees it as his house, where he goes when the cats are annoying him…he pulls the door shut! the other one, uh uh. he wouldn’t have it. his crate was my lap and that was that. you’ll know if the whining is serious enough to cave. i would give it more than 45 secs though after you spoil him a little the first few days. GOOD LUCK! i’m so happy for all 3 of you! xoxoxo

@chicago bureau: I’m really rooting for him to keep his job. He’s been fodder for what – 8 or 9 posts here?

blogenfreude: Seeing the GOP move from right to crazy-right in the space of a month and reaffirm the demigod status of Rush and reaffirm the War on Hope? I’d take a resignation from Steele every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Srsly: anyone here have the ability to start an honest-to-God whisper campaign to get Rush installed as RNC chair? If so, get on that. That would be STUPENDOUS.

@chicago bureau: “Wisecracks.” How wonderfully old-school. And much preferable to “snark.”

LOU: You’ve got snark.

MARY: Why, thank you, Mr. Grant.

LOU: I hate snark.

@homofascist: I think what Michael Steele could use right around now is an endorsement from the HRC. And also, perhaps, PFLAG – for giving hope to LBGRWTF children everywhere.

@chicago bureau: @blogenfreude: Princess Sparkle Pony has all four glittery hooves on Steele now.
@homofascist: PSP accompanies each post (time permitting) with an adorable picture of a naughty puppy.

@blogenfreude: The long knives are coming out, so we may not enjoy him much longer. But it’s fascinating that he went from silly (hip hop) to blustering (funding threats) to craven (Rush) to blithering idiot (everything since) in a few short weeks.

But not to worry: Whoever replaces him will be even worse.

Who had this Friday’s news dump in the Michael Steele Pool? Friday the 13th could be lucky for you.

@nojo: Of course what I really want is for them to purge all but the purest most volatile wingnuts from the GOP. Then we will truly see what they’re made of. A party of sociopaths, the inbred, and the clinically insane.

@blogenfreude: You’ll get your wish. Psychogeezer is making a play for relevance, but they’ve never trusted him. And Mittens may have won the straw poll with a plurality, but he’s still not a real Christian. The ghost of Stalin will envy the bloodbath to come.

@Mistress Cynica: I think it was Nabisco or Cubbie who predicted Friday. I gave him 2 weeks, too much time in retrospect.

@Jebediah: Welcome, lurker.

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!: I tried crate-training my dog as a puppy and she would have none of it. She would throw her body against the side of the crate like she was a caged tiger. Some puppies like it after about 5 minutes, others can’t stand it. See what works best for her. I couldn’t do the crate training, so I did the “let’s go outside and try to pee every hour” thing with her and she quickly learned to go outside and that the entire house was not a place to have an accident. It helped that I was unemployed and then working part time when I had her at that stage.

@Jebediah: Since the last new American political party to succeed was — well, the Republicans — I don’t think we’ll be seeing a Whig revival anytime soon. John Anderson is still living memory, never mind Perot. A neo-centrist third party (for lack of a better term) doesn’t stand a chance, especially with Barry guarding the lane.

But that still leaves plenty of frustrated RINOs, who may keep their party affiliation but vote otherwise. What they do after 2010 is a question to be revisited after the next landslide.

My dog is 3yrs now, but I’ve left her crate in the hall because she considers it her personal space. She’ll go in there just to be alone, but she also heads to the cratee proactively when she knows that she fucked up. I’ve had other dogs that were totally phobic about cages and boxes to the point where they wouldn’t walk past a big box in the middle of the floor. Melding humanthink and dogthink is what makes dogs so fun…

Haven’t trained a puppy in a long time, but I thought you just laid out the newspapers, waited for that look, and rushed them out the door.

As far as the dog’s personal space, in our family it’s always the couch. Just try to budge a Husky.

@nojo: My sister’s Jack Russell is afeared of leather. She’d rather not have a leather couch, but prefers it to the alternative.

I’ve heard all the wondrous testimonials for crate training too, but stupidly we didn’t try it until after Pedo Jr. had already staked his claim in the bed (we didn’t even think about the long-term implications that first night we brought him home from the shelter). By then, when we tried to entice him into his crate he’d just look at us with that haughty you’ve gotta be kidding me smirk on his snout.

@fupduk: @nojo: Crate training isn’t just about housebreaking them, its training them to consider the crate their space. Its supposed to be lifelong.

And its absolutely the best thing ever in the history of the world. Its like having a dog with an on-off switch. Putting the dog in the crate turns them off. Having freinds over, need some quiet, whatever, put them in the crate, if they are crate trained, they will not make a sound, they will go happily, and they will go to sleep and thats that. Its like turning them off.

And I have terriers. When they are on they are ON.

@Prommie: Couldn’t agree more.

@Pedonator: Well of course the dog’s going to sleep with you – the crate doesn’t stop that – it just makes everything so much easier. Destructive chewing? Crate. Noisy barking? Crate. Quiet time? Crate. Eating the sofa? Crate. So long as it isn’t a punishment they do very well.

By the way, we have in our time had five dogs in the bed with us – one of them as big as a small cart horse – so do not think you can spoil a dog more than we can, Mister, because that’s not going to happen. What I say is, why bother have a dog if you’re not going to spoil it?

@Prommie: It’s like having a dog with an on-off switch.

I’ll grant that our family doesn’t have a taste for Yippy Dogs, so having a switched dog strikes me as similar to a leashed child. There’s something wrong about it. Family’s family.

I’ll also grant that “family” here means my parents, and their house. Out on my own, I much prefer self-contained cats. Less hassle.

Or, as Martin Mull calls them: Decorator Dogs.

Crates are wonderful. I share a house with 6 collies. Three of them sleep in crates. There’s also a nice wooden crate in the family room that’s used either as a convenient place to crash or as Joy the Prozac Collie’s timeout space. Crate training also makes traveling much safer.

@nojo: We’re not including the dachshund in this category one hopes? The noble hunting dog known for his stamina, courage and fierce loyalty? That dachshund?

I hope not either. That’s family choice, the “wiener” dogs (actually mom’s choice as dad wanted a big mean dog and mom wanted a dog that didn’t shed so much–mom won.)

Doxies are also very intelligent and rather neurotic (at least ours was.)

Wiener dogs. The shame of it all.

Whig revival? I just meant I think the Republican party will join the Whigs on the dusty dustheap of deceased parties. But I guess as long as RINO’s or anyone else is registered R, it remains a sweet pipe dream.
Maybe if their leader gets busted for under-age-sex-tourism. Or for being a big fat idiot. Or something…

@nojo: By which I assume you don’t mean Boris vom Ahorn Wald. Sired by Henri Anons out of Asta.

Oh yeah and Republicans, yadda yadda yadda.

[TJ] Congratulate me! I just won an eight hour long battle with a client who wouldn’t listen to my advice on how to respond to a motion. Her boss finally had to intervene. Ha! Stupid cow.

Lefty, I still think that it is going to be more like a couple months. Republicans are, on the whole, stubborn, obstructionist assholes. It’s possible Steele will hang on that long just to be a dick.

Holy shit … look at the video I just posted. Comedy. Fucking. Gold.

@chicago bureau: Michael Steele is now my favorite person in the whole wide world.

@Jebediah: Ah. I convoluted the premise.

Either way, I don’t see the GOP dying off — the country itself remains as split as it ever was. Barry’s 52 percent popular vote may mean a landslide in recent electoral terms, but it’s still barely more than half.

Absent national calamity, next year will be a disaster for Republicans, but I don’t think it’s safe to project beyond that. All the scrambling we’re seeing now will be repeated in two years, and the results then may be much different.

@Jamie Sommers aka the Waco Kid: Congratulations! I hope you bill her for those 8 hours of convincing her that you were right.

@SanFranLefty: You bet your ass I’m billing for that.

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!: No, not this time. Unfairly harsh was the time I called a different client a sanctimonious dick. On second thought, no. That wasn’t unfair.

@Pedonator: I suspect some in the GOP are just now discovering that their leader is a black man.
Sorta like when the Pointer Sisters walked onstage to perform “Fairytale” at the Grand Ole Opry for the first time.

So many comments, so little time, so I skimmed. Crate training improves the likelihood of non-lesbian girl-on-girl action on Friday the 13th?

Cause that’s tomorrow, and I’ll need to get a crate.

@Mistress Cynica: Me. But I never win anything.

@Jamie Sommers aka the Waco Kid: Let’s all say it together: nyaah, nyaah, nyaah, nyaah, nyaah!!

@nojo: Another reason I’m a cat person. You put a kitten in a litter box once, scratch its paws, and it has the idea. Of course, we like to refer to the shredded couch and other destruction as their “craft projects.”
I can appreciate that crate training can make for happier dogs and owners, but I’m uncomfortable with exercising that level of control over another creature–a fact the cats exploit to the hilt. I just wasn’t cut out to be leader of the pack.

@Mistress Cynica: If you don’t want to be leader of the pack, you should not have dogs. If you are not the leader, they will try to be, and thats not good.

Dogs are pack animals, and they are happier with a clearly defined role in the family. Really, truly, I have seen my mistake with past dogs, dogs are happy to acknowledge and know that you are the leader, they are happy, its not restricting their freedom. Dogs get nuerotic and weird if they don’t know who is the leader. It really does make them happier.

Its not wrong to use that off-switch, its good, please trust me, don’t be projecting what you would like on the dogs, they love their crate, it is comforting to them. It is NOT like imprisoning them, if they are properly crate trained, its a secure place that they feel belongs to them, it calms them, and you, to be able to put them there on occasion.

Its very rare I ever use the crate to “turn them off,” months go by without doing it, but if you haave a party, or friends bring children over, or the housecleaner is vacuuming, its the best, they truly calm down and it makes everyone happy.

@blogenfreude: The GOP is gonna have to be careful, dumping their great black hope. Just as the dems are having trouble with Obama’s replacement in the Senate. If they dump him for voicing moderate opinions that the majority of the public agree with, just because he is not toeing the lunatic fringe insane inbred line, will be a BAD THING for them, destroy their credibility as being an “inclusive” party (not that they have much,) and just play into the democrat meme that Rush Limbaugh is really the face of the GOP, “hey, look what they did to poor Steele, when he crossed Limbaugh.”

@Jamie Sommers aka the Waco Kid: Make sure to bill her for your travel time to and from the meeting, and all the time before and after the meeting you were thinking shitty evil thoughts about her and her case.

How is the legal layoff bloodbath hitting the Southwest? It’s a horror show at BigLaw – last count I saw was a couple thousand layoffs in the past ten days – although the California and Chicago offices seem more willing to admit layoffs than the NYC offices. The roster of unemployed people I know seems to grow everyday. Dark shit.

@SanFranLefty: Massive layoff of lawyers is one more indicator that we’ve succumbed to the rule of Men, not Laws.

Shouldn’t Justice be looking for a few hundred or thousand or hundred thousand competent lawyers after a righteous purge of Regent University alumni?

@Pedonator: Have they been purged yet?
I thought they were hunkered down, awaiting further orders from jeebus.

@Ewalda: Jeebus works in mysterious ways.

Let us hope he smites them with his righteous SWORD and sends them back to the wildernesses of South Carolina and such as.

puppies and whigs and idiotic clients, oh my! i just woke up on the other side of the world! great read this morning with my cappuccino. i need to get a look..i mean a CUP, right..every morning.

prommie, you are entirely correct about the leader of the pack thing with dogs. they are very happy when they know the pecking order of their pack. if you aren’t an alpha, they will apply for the job. my pack all knows what number they are. it’s comical to see my 140 lb. 8 feet tall borzoi patiently wait his turn for anything, understanding that his 10 lb. 16 year old blind brother outranks him.
and cyn, of course you know i’m a cat person too and wholeheartedly agree our furnishings are blank projects for their crafts.
jamie, bill the cow for the time you THOUGHT about her. good for you honey!
tommycatt, puppie pics? time for a new avatar?
nojo, try budging a borzoi. it takes two of us, and he realize what we’re trying to do, doesn’t fight it, just becomes dead weight. he mocks our straining efforts, says “you want me to move? go right ahead, i’m not helping”
hi new lurker, jebediah! i like you. and i hate almost everyone. welcome!

@Pedonator: I just listened to a Terry Allen song performed by the Flatlanders on the ride in, and one of the lyrics was “The Lord moves in mysterious ways and tonight, my son … He’s gonna use your car”

Thank you !
About alpha and such… it is funny to see how little it has to do with size. And if you aren’t comfortable with being alpha you have to be careful with what breed you get. A few presidents ago, we lived with a housemate who spent a bunch of money on a Rottweiler puppy and then did bupkis with her. Pup couldn’t abide the power vacuum and started taking over the house. I didn’t want to confuse her about who her owner was, but eventually I felt I had no choice. Being basically a sweet-tempered dog, she responded pretty quickly and eventually ended up living very happily with a clueful owner.
And hey… shouldn’t there be some pictures of newpup? I am at work but I am growing tired of being productive…

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