Lie, Cheat, Steal, and Lie

AIG CEO Edward Liddy demonstrates how easy it is to put one over on the Bush Administration, explaining to Larry King that tattletale signs were removed from the secret Phoenix retreat for a simple reason:

“We are really cutting corners. We’re doing the same thing the American taxpayer is doing. We are tightening our belts. We didn’t use any signage.”

They probably stiffed the waiters, too.

ABC Catches AIG Executives Hosting Another Posh ‘Junket’ At Luxury Hotel [Think Progress]

Right, instead of the usual human sacrifice and ritual cannibal feast they had a nude school boy break open a pinata and shit in their mouths. Total cost: $500. These guys are living through deprivations none of us could imagine – worse than dustbowl Okies could imagine.

FCS’ description of AIG seems pretty spot on.

Apparently we found a nest of assholes in dire need of a sulfuric acid enema.

Is this fuckhead related to the Liddy that everyone knows and loathes (or at least everyone with a functioning brain)?

Like you need more of a reason for an “off with his head!”

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