1973 Argonne Rebels! FUCK Yeah!

Savage, relentless artistry demonstrated by a horn line of kids mostly under the age of 16 and mostly female.

I make no excuses for the drum line but fuckin’ A these little kids ripped your heart out, ate it, burped and then ran back to do their chores.

Holy Fuck!

If you’re not ripping your clothes off during Malaguena, you have no pulse.

Why Flamenco Chops Matter

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Buddy Rich Is God. All You Had to Do Was Ask Him.

GI jazz, yeah, sure, but OMG the bands he could assemble. They happened once.

Remember When the Tonight Show Was Worth Watching?

. . . If only to catch glimpses of the band between commercial breaks.

Channel One Suite

Yes, I know, it starts with one of Buddy’s GI Jazz breaks but you get into the story about 1:02. He was signing the checks, after all.

Part 2 of the recording is here.

Respighi Would Have Dug It

Worth checking out just for the arrangement of the Pines. The recording was quashed in 1975 when Hawthorne was ejected from the field after they were protested successfully for having overaged members. Some of the guys in the drum line looked like they were in their 30s but no one could remember a competitive protest that put out a national championship contender.

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Die, Yuppie, Die!