You know, I was worried about the one line from the Geezer that did not have to do with Joedaplumbah. Emphasis on was.

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Strike ’em out, throw ’em out. But, of course, this is a NEGATIVE AD, so Barry is just an awful, awful person, just like Rep. John Lewis. (Insert your own reference to “waaaambulance” here.)

(Sidenote: hey rptrcub? Please give me Georgian Voter opinion on John Lewis. Revered as a sainted man who can do no wrong? Reviled as showboating hack with a good backstory? To the point of whether hitting John Lewis actually helps Barry in Georgia.)

Item: RNC pulling Wisconsin and Maine TV. McCain-branded ads still up, but no help from the party anymore. RNC doubling down on Colorado and Missouri, and now has ads running in one blue state — Pennsylvania.

Any moves like this had to be made today. If they made the move tomorrow, or the next day, it would have been a nice, loud GONG in the middle of the library. As it is: this can’t be good for the Geezer.

Politico reports that John McCain is bagging his Michigan campaign. No TV, no mail-drops, staffers off to Wisconsin / Ohio / Florida.

(This does not mean that Barry can take Michigan for granted. There will still be a ground game because local Republicans can’t move to Wisconsin / Ohio / Florida, and the 527s are hitting Obama-as-Kilpatrick. Still: damn.)