Bean Suppah, Friday Fish Fry &c.

Item: RNC pulling Wisconsin and Maine TV. McCain-branded ads still up, but no help from the party anymore. RNC doubling down on Colorado and Missouri, and now has ads running in one blue state — Pennsylvania.

Any moves like this had to be made today. If they made the move tomorrow, or the next day, it would have been a nice, loud GONG in the middle of the library. As it is: this can’t be good for the Geezer.


I’m not surprised by Maine as it was dark blue for Hope.

Abandoning the Cheez State? Question begs. How is PG going to win if he keeps pulling out of states he needs?

This is what you get when you have 9ud11 “F1rewa11s” Ghouliani on your team.

Dude, I saw four different Obama ads last night on the teevee – including on local channels. Four! In San Francisco!

The Unicorn must have cash to burn, if he’s buying expensive ads in the SF media market – where the only question is whether the RNC or the Green Party will come in second in the Presidential race.*

*With local progressive hotty Matt Gonzalez of the tousled hair (not to be confused with Mayor McDreamy of the Slicked-Back Hair) on Nader’s ticket, I’m putting my money on the Greens to outperform the Repubs in SF.

Apparently Sarah Palin was the best fundraiser for Black Unicorn according to a friend of mine in Cali who works the phones for fund raising.

On the serious blogs I read, Da Geezer burned through his cash in Aug/Sept leaving him empty for the stretch run while Barry just unleashed a barrage pretty much everywhere but hardest in Red States.

I think that Barry’s commercials in CA and other deep blue states are done to remind folks that he doesn’t take them for granted.

@SanFranLefty: I’ve been seeing a lot of them as well. Yes, in Chicago.

Reasons I don’t read Politico, Part VII: Back between conventions, they were running stories about how Barry made a major strategic error by skipping public campaign funding. See, Geezer and the RNC could still outspend him, and no way in hell would he reach his ambitious fundraising goals, blah blah blah.

Smelled then, smells worse now. On the other hand, if I’m ever curious about the day’s conventional wisdom, I give them a visit.


And speaking of cash to burn, I keep hearing “Yes on 8” ads on the local Air America station….

nojo: Actually, this is confirmed through, which is a Madison-based political news site. They got the news from the TV stations which just saw their bonuses go POOF.

I’ve found WisPolitics to be trustworthy — they’ve been at this for at least six years now (and further back through local media). But your point on Politico is well taken.

BRB: Of course, Chicago is not Chicago in this case. Chicago is Hammond and Kenosha. But who’s counting? (Also: note that running up the score in Chicago might be useful, if we get down to the 2000 “Win Popular Vote, Lose Electoral Vote” deal again. Or, it’s ugly stepsister, “269-269 Tie.”)

@chicago bureau: Oops, sorry — it wasn’t a backhanded remark about your choice of original source. Politico’s straight reporting is just fine.

It’s when Politico attempts analysis that my bullshit detector goes to 11. That “who won the day” column is a running example of looking the wrong way that Politico excels at.

@chicago bureau: It’s really part of an ongoing grudge I have against a Brand W commenter who called me naive back in January for supporting Barry instead of Hillary. I didn’t understand how these things work, you see, and I should leave this important stuff to the grown-ups.

Politico falls into the same trap: Like generals fighting the last war, they’re analyzing this in terms of the last four elections. Which only works when you have candidates like the last four elections. We have one this year, but he ain’t doing so well right now. The other, well, he decided to play a different game. Conventional wisdom doesn’t work during a paradigm shift.

Into the Enemy’s Camp: Just caught an Obama “McCain tax plan” ad on “Guns and Ammo TV” on the Outdoor Channel. Wow. (Yes, I do watch that crap).

They should have gone with a conservation ad. Polls show that outdoorsmen and women say habitat preservation is the most important issue to them. On the other hand, they also believe that drilling can be done so as not to fuck up the habitat, so it being a wash I can see them going with taxes.

Big for the undecideds: NLCS Game 5, a must win for the Dodgers down 3-1. One could argue both they and Geez are in the same boat tonight. High drama. I’ll have the game on the radio, debate on tv, Wild Turkey toddy in hand.

@redmanlaw: I’m TiVoing the debate for Jr who is working tonight. Can someone keep me apprised of the score? The intertubes are too slow to update (they only go inning by inning).

@redmanlaw: That and the Project Rungay finale? I’m looking forward to an absolutely surreal open thread.

@nojo: Thanks to being on the West Coast, I’ll only have to flip between MSNBC post-debate analysis and Project RunGay.

@SanFranLefty: And thanks to work, I’ll be missing both. Hooray!

@JNOV: ESPN gives you decent updates. I’ll be flipping between that and the debate. Am negotiating time for a burrito run with my wife. We just got back from 2 weeks on the E Coast and are seriously Mexican food deprived.

@JNOV: Dodgers down 1-0, end of first. Dow down 700. If Obama wins, I can handle all this.

@Dodgerblue: The Phillies can’t win on home runs alone. I don’t have confidence. I do miss real Mexican.

Campos Tacos, Pico and 20th in Santa Monica. C’mon by.

@Dodgerblue: We once went to a Mexican place in Santa Monica a couple of blocks off the beach that was the real deal (yellow? 2 sty bldg on a corner w/real Mexicans) down to the “B” for “Bueno” rating from the health department.

@redmanlaw: Next to the bowling alley? It’s still there.

@Dodgerblue: There was a place in Albuquerque some Stinquers have been to that was in a bowling alley. They got successful, moved out and have their own salsa, but it’s not the same.

@redmanlaw: I was there! In 1979 or so. I was blown away by how good the food was.

@redmanlaw: Las Manitas good? SFL can testify that that place totally rock(ed)s weekend migas. Sad to read that it may be a victim to urban redevelopment.

@nabisco: Can you believe they would shut down Las Manitas? Horrifying. I lurve lurve lurve that place. It and the Salt Lick are my two must-visit places when I go to Austin.

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