Batman Pals Around with Criminals

Burgess Meredith nails Psychogeezer four decades in advance.

Debates by Association [Ezra Klein, via TPM]

PsychoBirdy: “Can I help it if I have enthusiastic fans?”


Hey — see if you can find the oil derrick and the dinosaur.

ADD: Oh, duh! You can click on things and they do stuff.

@JNOV: Hilarious. “Where’d Russia go?”

@Pedonator: “I have an eagle mounted on my wall in Alaska, too!”

Did you click the phone? And the empty diploma frames? Oh, and the door — click that one twice.

@nojo: Ha! You can click on the globe several times…

@SanFranLefty: OMG! That’s almost as bad as the movie!

@SanFranLefty: Oh, I just found the dog — did you find the dog?

@JNOV: Yes, found the dog. did you find the “gotcha-media”?

Oh dear God, thank you for destroying my world. Has Hopey seen this? Will they play some random record over his responses tonight? Will his Robin be there to help? What is up with the terrible design? And poor Burgess Meredith! He deserved better.

On the upside: men in spandex. Oh yeah

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: I didn’t see any wolves. Hmmmm.

Click on the carpet.

@nojo: re: the clip – I don’t know, Burgess Meredith’s penguin laugh reminds me more of Darth Cheney than McCain.


Oh, okay — maybe he borrowed it from Ezra.

Oh, he gave Mark Ambinder credit. (I’ll be quiet now.)

@JNOV: That clip was all over the place today, but I’m glad Keith found a moment for it.

@nojo: I imagine that all teh funny comes from you — full grown from your head.

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