Tonight, Tonight!

Sure, everybody’s thinking Ali-Frazier, or maybe Gibson-Glover, but we fear that like the last two times, what’s promised as the Fight of the Century will end up looking like a couple of guys dancing, and without Rita Moreno to distract us.

But if there’s gonna be a rumble, tonight’s the last chance. And so we open the final 2008 Presidential Debate Liveblog/Open Thread/Chorus Audition, in the hope that somehow, somewhere, we’ll find a new way of getting through this without emptying the liquor cabinet.

As usual, you’re on your own with drinking games, although we’ll toast anyone who manages to tie in a remark with one of the many lyrics we’ve left untouched. Two toasts if it’s Officer Krupke.

When you’re a Jet…

8:54. Speaking of content-free campaigns, advertising for California’s Prop 11 never mentions what it’s about. Apparently it throws census redistricting to a nonpartisan committee, which sounds like a good idea. But are we that stupid that we can’t understand the details? Don’t answer that.

8:59. Note to sign painter behind Tweety: Obama –cks? Until Tweety budges, it could be sucks or rocks, dude.

9:03. Do they check tie colors with each other beforehand? Three debates, and they haven’t clashed once.

9:03. Okay, who wins the Nancy Reagan shout-out prediction? (Apparently it’s SFL. Cheers!)

9:06. If this gets slow, we’re gonna hunt down some old Bill Cosby routines about Hofstra. Something about not grabbing your crotch if you’re hit on the football field during a televised game.

9:08. Mmmm… Wurtzeburgers.

9:10. “Joe the Plumber” was an early David Bowie draft.

9:11. Network assignment desks barking orders to send crews to track down Joe the Plumber, stat.

9:14. National Enquirer has exclusive photos of Joe the Plumber’s ass crack.

9:16. Joe the Plumber revealed!

9:23. Is Barry graying around the fringes already, or is that just a close cut? Dude, you’re not supposed to age until after you’re in office.

9:25. Godfather Bob urges peace between the warring factions.

9:28. Senator McCain, you’re not supposed to walk into the knife. John Lewis has a lot more cred than you do.

9:30. McCain doesn’t oppose stem-cell funding? Can’t wait for the fundies to grab that one.

9:33. Barry: “The American people have become so cynical about our politics.” Shout-out! Oh, wait.

9:40. We were about to give Godfather Bob props for staying out of the way, until he just dropped the Veep Question. Now we want to have his baby. We’re sure he’s got something stored in a freezer somewhere.

9:44. Barry: Spending freeze, John? What about Talibunny’s autism programs? Did you even feel your stomach get sliced up?

9:48. Geezer: “You don’t tell countries you’re going to unilaterally renegotiate agreements with them.” The irony makes its own sauce.

9:49. Gee, when did Venezualan oil enter the discussion? Clearly we don’t watch Fox News enough. Which is never.

9:52. South Korea needs to outsource more of its animation work to the United States. Fair’s fair.

9:53. Note to McCain: Best not to use the phrase “no-brainer.” Trust us.

9:59. Paramount just signed Joe the Plumber to a three-picture deal.

10:02. Joe the Plumber, have you seen Swing Vote?

10:06. Macy’s has ordered a Joe the Plumber balloon for Thanksgiving.

10:07. Doorbell rings. It’s Joe the Plumber! “Did somebody order some pipe?”

10:11. Joe the Plumber’s website: “Recent sink job I went to take a look at. A small leak was left unrepaired and caused this damage. Notice there is no wood left under the p-trap, just concrete.” Joe the Plumber knows his shit.

10:16. Senator McCain: We’ll do everything we can to keep pregnant girls pregnant.

10:26. Charters and vouchers are tonight’s strategy and tactics.

10:27. Hamlet endorses

10:31. Goodnight, Joe the Plumber, wherever you are.


Dude, no, “They Live”, Roddy Piper and Keith David fight for six minutes over a pair of sunglasses! Plus the most nonsensical badass-action-movie line ever, “I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

I have a confession to make: I don’t care for musicals. (I know! I know!) But I love WSS and The Sound of Music. I never made it to the Castro Sound of Music singalong, but I’ve always been there in spirit.

Wait a minute: the gal introducing was wearing a pink scarf. God help us if Susan Medea Benjamin is here tonight.

@drinkyclown: But does it have a Leonard Bernstein soundtrack? No? Case closed.

Got home with a fresh bottle of vodka just in time to hear my boyfriend Keiff O. steal my “Grampa Simpson” description of McHate.

@JNOV: Castro Sing-a-Long Sound of Music is the best. All the gheyz dressed up as the countess…

Dont make me hate you Bob Schieffer.

I love Bob Schieffer but hearing his Ft. Worth twang really makes me miss Dan Rather. Maybe CBS will bring him back for election night returns.

I predicted the Nancy shout-out – drink!

@SanFranLefty: Following the Simpsons analogy, Palin would be Ralph Wiggum. Me fail english, that’s unpossible!

Barry going straight into the camera. Interesting.

I have had enough of this shit, sick of this fucking election, sick of “my friends” … I’ve got Season 1 of Lost (never seen it) on DVD, and I aim to watch it. This thread is how I will keep track of what’s going on. Don’t screw the pooch Stinquers.

The Geez is blinking like he’s trying to stay awake. And what’s with the eyebrow action?

@JNOV: If you hate musicals, you should really watch Happiness of the Katakuris. Japanese horror musical, what’s not to love?

PG is looking at him and blinking a lot. Maybe it’s some I Dream of Jeannie tactic.

@All – Just had a sip of my first martini in honor of Nancy Reagan.

Everytime McCain looks at the Unicorn, he gets this weird expression on his face and look away. They’re two feet apart. This will get fun if he melts down.

Should we track the number of “my friends” tonight?

Joe the Plumber will have no tubez to plumb under a Unicorn administration.

@JNOV: That’s the only Larry Hagman I’ll ever acknowledge.

@Pedonator: @JNOV: Okay, so I didn’t imagine that. Maybe McCain had some of Cindy’s valium beforehand.

gaah! I have to watch this sober because I have to go pick Mr Cyn up after work (crushing 65 tons of grapes today, so it could be pretty late).

This tax stuff has zippo to do with what’s happening on Wall Street. C’mon, guys.

The MSM is frantically trying to track down Joe the Plumber for an interview!

@nojo: Yes, those were the days!


Who the FUCK is Joe the Plumber and why are we talking about him?

“Class warfare” – P.G.


OK, Joe the Plumber is now the official cue to drink!

dear fsm, joe the plumber is tonight’s “main street.”

who the fuck cares about taxes?! Wall Street, mother FUCKAS!

@SanFranLefty: no, and it doesn’t do anything for me anyway. I can’t even take a muscle relaxant even though my back is spasming.


PG: We need to not spread the wealth around! Mine! ALL MINE!

I am very tired of PG…and I am just impressed that Obamarama did not just call him an asshat.

Frigging asshat.

@nojo: When you’re way up at the top (above the datestamp, as it were), I don’t see your comments…
@Dodgerblue: So happy to have you back, Dodger!

Is RML still in his Sudafed coma? Where’s baked and Prommie?

Geezer has Pelosi blinky eyes…cortical lobe Botox?

PG doesn’t know what profligate means.

For cuts, cue the $1.99 in earmarks…wait for it…

@Pedonator: Mine! ALL MINE!

Cindy’s! ALL CINDY’S!

There, fixed it for you.

Across the board spending cuts. Bullshit. Pure, unadulterated crap.

Aaaah the old man is telling Great Depression stories! Way to remind us you’re older than the wingnut version of creation!

Go Bob, for pushing PG! Make him answer the fucking question.

McCain’s right about ethanol, actually.

Line-item veto? Go get ’em, Mr. Con Law Prof!

3-0 Phils in the 3rd.
Is Schieffer getting irritated?

Smash that overhead projector and we’ll SAVE THE ECONOMY!

Umm nobody told him the difference between an overhead projector and a planetarium STILL?

I love the way that the Unicorn responds to whatever PG says with “Look….” Just don’t sigh like Al Gore…

Earmarks is just how the pie is divided in appropriations committee, for fucks sake!

School the Geez on history! Awwwww, yeah!

@SanFranLefty: Yes, he’s right about ethanol. Unfortunately Unicorn happens to be the Honorable Senator from the Cornbelt.

@Dodgerblue: Schieffer started irritated, now he’s getting snippy. I need more beer.

@SanFranLefty: Thanks. I missed y’all. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to log on with my Blackberry.

And the first soundbite goes to PG!

@JNOV: And I already forgot what it is.

OMG, Unicorn’s getting Mavericky!

Geeze scores on the running against Bush line…running hot with men, cool with women; this is gonna be close, and a bloodbath.

@JNOV: Yeah, but you can tell he practiced it for hours/days – and he had the same smirk that Shrub does when delivering jokes.

Did like McCunt’s eyeroll at the mention of Faux News.
That was kinda funny.

Psychogeezer makes a note to send a nastygram to Faux News.

Pretty certain the PG’s blinking is morse code: Please help me…free me from these religious freaks.

Really rather sad to see a reasonably good politician become…er…an asshat.

Wow! Obama blows off trial lawyers, teachers, enviros. Is he confident of winning, or what?

Nooooooooo! Do NOT give him credit for opposing torture. He caved on that, goddammit.

@nabisco: is that the CNN meter? I’m watching on PBS as a purist. Will switch back to Keiff, Tweety & Rachel afterwards.

Bob hands them each a glove and tells them to slap each other. Yay!

@JNOV: Yes, it’s all the Unicorn’s fault – he didn’t do town halls with me so I had to trash him and drag him through the mud.

Waaaaaaaaah, John Lewis hurt my feewings…

What a whiny-ass bastard you are, McCain. And LIARRRRR. God I need a drink.

Spending more money because you don’t have any ass-hat, ha ha ha!

And you have more money than me! Waaaaaaah!!!

I REALLY wish PG would *READ* what Lewis wrote…and/or stop lying about it.

Nice jab Unicorn – way to rag on McCain’s hurt feelings!

@rptrcub: Oh, Unicorn did a double jab on the hurt feelings and the town halls.

Fuck you for rubbing in the Cowboys loss, ass-hat!

@LuxMentis: Hi Lux!

I am really looking forward to Joe the Plumber coming out tomorrow morning on the talk show circuit and publicly endorsing Obamarama.

Faster Unicorn! Kill!! kill!!! (should have TM’d that, rptrcub)

And we have just had the equivalent of the Gore sigh — the McCain snortle.

I’m glad Unicorn finally brought up the violent threats against his person. Meanwhile, the Geez still seems fixated on Joe the Plumber.

@Mistress Cynica: Meh, I’m an open-source kinda guy. Creative Commons permissions, babe.

@SFL Hi you.

PG is really pissing me off. Proud of his whack-jobs…

@rptrcub: Yeah, and McHate shouldn’t snortle when Unicorn says that people say “kill him” at Palin Klan rallies.

His head will asplode in 5, 4, 3, 2, …

@LuxMentis: Have you gotten pissed off enough to sign up you and Mrs. Lux to go do some GOTV in New Hampshire for the Unicorn? Please do…

@SanFranLefty: He just had to somehow try to make it that Obama just equated our proud US-American troops with the crazies who yelled that kill him stuff.

ACORN is destroying the fabric of democracy?!?!

Let’s start with the Ohio Republican Party, or Kitty Harris!


@Mistress Cynica: Seattle was great. Always a treat. Pretty strong all around.

Heading off tomorrow morning for a NY auction and then another fair in NY. I am crazed.

I really think PG’s losing it. Maybe it’s my incredible anti-PG bias, but I think the whole topic is making him look really, really bad.

@Mistress Cynica: I can’t unpack my bias either but he looks like he’s losing his fucking mind.

@LuxMentis: Ooh, were you up here for the antique book fair?

“Let me tell you who I associate with”


Obama is rocking this one. Just a great response to this faux-issue of Ayers.

ROFL…”more about your campaign than it says about me”

Can we be getting close to a total PsychG meltdown? Enquiring minds want to know!

@Mistress Cynica: “We’re desperate, get used to it”. – X

Bob Schieffer has big balls – go for the Palin question!!!

@drinkyclown: if by up here, you mean Seattle, yes…was there until last night. Had a great time. If you meant NY…then that is this weekend . Busy couple of weeks.

Palin is a Role Model!!! To women!!!!!! Awesome.

OK, sorry folks, I can’t buy Biden “fighting for the little guy”, at least recently. Especially at this time, when trillions are facing bankruptcy.

Sarah Palin is a role model for women!!!



Don’t forget: Vote for me because my Veep mate has a special needs child.

@Pedonator: Meltdown about 32 minutes from now. Just you wait.

Not to PG: Sarah Palin is most emphatically not a rile role (Dr Freud to the bridge!) model for me, and I’ll thank you not to make such gross generalizations about my gender.
And PS: her son has Down’s syndrome, not autism.

How does Palin’s “understanding of special needs kids” qualify her for being president…urgh

Obamarama, looking into the VP crib, says, “uhmm, some baby.”

“Energy and climate control.” When you need fix your heat pump.

@nojo: I’ll take 10:06 EDT for the Meltdown Moment.

PG slipped up and put in a “nucular” when he talked about the ships — nice one.

@Mistress Cynica: PG: We can solve our energy problem by beaching our safe nuclear submarines in every major urban area, and then we can all have nuclear pants!

@rptrcub: Nucular pops up again? Is that some Republican tell, or is pronouncing words correctly too elitist?

Homofascist here, holding it down with BRB, flippin’ and of course CB (along with a Mr. HF and a friend of flippin’.

Flippin’ won the non-drinking game and a lovely Obama/Biden t-shirt.

That angle for PG is awful. He looks like he has the mumps!

Geez in the game.

Greg Maddux pitching for the Dodgers.
Still 3-1 JNOVs, top of the 5th 1 out runners on 1, 2

ADD JNOVS score on blown double play 1 out, runners on 2, 3

@drinkyclown: A little from column A, a little from column B.

Sorry, went to the kitchen to get another drink and got a phone call. Anything happen after PG said the Downs baby was Palin’s biggest qualification?

Barry goes for the NASCAR vote! More cars, everywhere! South Korean cars are invading our shores. Shit, get off of that subject immediately, please. The only crucial question is, who does Eminem endorse?

Gaaaahhhhh offshore drilling shut up you decrepit lunatic and quit trying to make Venezuela seem at all threatening.

Why the hell is free trade with Colombia a big freaking deal? Until now? Pulling at straws, PG.

Fact: Korea is like Detroit in the 70s. They don’t want -or need- American cars.

Prommie in the house, 12 hours on the trade show floor, 2 hours pounding dutch methanol (when will we free ourselves from our dependance on foreign gin?) and now I am free to rage at the raging geezer. Fuck you geezer. Hopey is fucking up and losing bad, he should just say, “John, there’s an unprecedented global financial crisis going on, its starting to crush our people on main street, and you wanna talk about Ayers, you psychotic old fuck?

Here’s the generic: “John, you and your republican policies have produced a total global economic meltdown thats happening now as we speak, and you spent time memorizing the details of Ayers and Acorn? Thats criminal, you are an out of touch old spychotic shitbag.”

My FSM, has Sarah Palin seized McCunt’s speech pattern?

hey no ragging on Korea. Manchu will not like you.

What is that snorting/wheezing sound? Is that PG? Sounds like he’s doing the oxygen mask thing from Blue Velvet.

I is serious, Hopey is failing to just bumper-sticker the big picture and say “its the fucking global economic meltdown thats gonna have 3/4ths of the american people eating hobo stew by next spring, you fucking stupid old pyschotic geezer.”

@Prommie: spychotic is now my new favorite accidental un-word.

As some who has seen the other side of the US trade dealings.
1) I don’t have a problem with the US defending it’s own, but the softwood lumber mess shows that US trade policy has been to protect various special interests at the expense of everyone else. As a furrins, I resent that the US tells us what we should do as much as US Americans would resent what others tell them to do.
2) Make something folks around the world want to buy. I’ve experienced the 24/7 traffic jams in Seoul. No US made car (especially SUVs/light trucks) would work. Cost too damned much. US gov policy shouldn’t reward domestic car company stupidity.

@rptrcub: It’s actually a good wonkish issue. We need to open it up, but Hopey’s right too- the sindicatos are fucked in HR terms.

@Mistress Cynica: He harps on Colombia, and the snorting is his subtle way of reminding us that, like most US Americans, Barry once had marching-powder encounter his nose.

Candy-colored clown, candy colored clown.

BRB here: Obama’s teeth mesmerize women in Ohio! He cheats with his dentistry (to borrow a meme from Brand W)

Meanwhile, the most gorgeous October harvest moon ever is rising over Mount Diablo to the east. Can I go on the deck with my drink yet?

@chicago bureau: Hello, Chicago Cynical Stinquers!

Barry, you missed an opportunity. “If you have health insurance, you don’t have to do anything.” And it won’t be taxed, unlike my friend’s plan.

@chicago bureau: I hate to admit it, but I’m starting to see Fred Armisen when Barry talks.

3rd erroe of inning on blown throw to 1st
runner on 3d scores
JNOVs 5-0, top 5th

@Pedonator: I was waiting for the Unicorn to say “Oh, I have knowledge of Colombia – no need to travel for the white stuff,” but figured his lead isn’t that big yet.

Rising obesity of kids? PG is clutching at straws.

No probs. The Asian and Euro Car makers know what the US three stooges automakers don’t. Gas ain’t cheap and not a goD given right.

Joe the Plumber – time to go shake a new martini.

Joe, my friend the plumber, do you haz health care?

The Women Of Ohio have spoken. Joe the Plumber SUCKS.

Note to PG. Canada CITY OVERHEAD aka bureaucracies is 1.2-1.8% of TOTAL HEALTHCARE SPENDING. In US America it is 10-15%. Suck it!

Joe the Plumber gets paid in cash, and prolly clears more than me.

Did you see PG’s face when O said “no fee” — might shoulda read the plan instead of memorizing those Ayers stats.
Prommie, I don’t know what you’re watching, but on my teevee, Unicorn is wiping up the floor with him.

The Canada City Tories did a similar thing with Daycare. They scrapped a proposed government run program and gave everyone a “choice” plus a $1200 tax credit. Not many Daycare spots available and the $1200 tax credit gets eaten up in the 1st month. PG’s HC plan will lick ass.

Everytime he says Joe I just pretend he’s talking about Biden.

Every plumber out there who happens to be named Joe is now feeling purty special right about now, I’m guessin’.

Wanna blame some one for the sorry state of affairs? Furcal, two unforced erros.
Bottom 5th, base hit DBlues

It must be tough on PG knowing he has to debate someone who is really several orders of magnitude sharper than…you know…you. It is one thing to debate someone who is more eloquent…that can be dealt with…but here you have an opponent who is annoyingly *smarter* than you are, much *sharper*…and the result is almost painful to watch.

Then again, PG is really a serious asshat…so fuck him.

I hopeBarry can craft a good closing zinger using the joedaplumma meme

Consensus of the room: Joe the Plumber SUCKS because he is drunk all the time and can’t get his pipe working.

Also: reference in the room to Cindy McCain’s cosmetic surgery coverage. I cannot account for that by any means.

Ah, now we get to it. No debate is complete without a reference to the holy fetus.

R.v.W. – rest in the hands of the ended up in the SCt. BECAUSE of the clusterfuck at the state level.


Conservative judges? Front of the line to the gallows.

He’s opposed to obesity. Cindy should watch out.

Unicorn didn’t vote against Justice Breyer, you fucking moron!!!

Mcliar just told a doozy: the average cost of health insurance is $5,800, I’m gonna give you $5,000. yeah, the average cost of an individual plan might be somewhere not enormously higher than $5,800, but the average cost of a family plan is over $10,000. Whereas, McCains tax credit for an individual is $2,500, its only for a two-income family he gives $5,000.

Scum-sucking shitbag lying pschyo shit fuck douchenozzle shitstick fuckwad.

Obama against Justice Breyer? Ummm, let’s see here… EPIC FAIL.

@Pedonator: And that would be me, in case you’re guessing.

constitutional prof schooling in 1 23

OK, PG is totally babbling now. And do I hear shrieking from the evangelical base?

@LuxMentis: Drink everytime Lux says ass-hat, and drink in honor of Justice Stevens.

No litmus test, but nobody who likes Roe v. Wade. Moron.

Equal pay!!! Every woman in America wants to have his baby.

@SanFranLefty: He thought Breyer’s ice cream was too rich.

Very, very nice answer. Good legal mind vs. bs talking point.

I am an elitist. I like smart people. I am not ashamed of it. I am tired of pandering to the smallest, most fearful minds.

Way to throw out the equal pay issue, Unicorn!

Oh, and now it’s the “Born Alive” issue – PG is so fucking predictable.


PG: We have to change the culture of America. Yes, we will.

Ohio women not liking the way GeeZe talks about abortion

Nice eye roll, PG.
BTW, I would not be here if my grandmother hadn’t been able to have a late term abortion to save her life. So fuck you, PG.
Again with the snorting on “common ground.”

@SanFranLefty: ROFL. Been drinking with every “asshat” (nice Jade Absinthe). It is much nicer than the long ranting screeds my poor wife has to suffer through

@Mistress Cynica: Everytime I see that picture of the Unicorn hugging that kid that Gawker had up, I ovulate. Seriously.

Safe sex and sex ed – back handed slap at Palin – awesome!

PG: Everything for adoption – except adoption by gays, you FUCKING ASSHAT

Anyone doing a count on “Joe the plumber” and the snorts?

Use rubbers before you get all cavalier and stuff.

Woohoo Pro-Abortion! I’m pro-abortion, and I vote! For abortion! Mandatory abortion! Abortion camps! Teenage girls making abortion pacts!

(BRB) Education? WTF! Just drop out! Work on an oil field! What’s the fucking problem?

Dead on re education. We are doomed if we can’t get kids working on this…and not wasting fucking time teaching myths in science classes…

I’ve got the debate on the big screen. McCain’s blinky thing is hugely weird.

@SanFranLefty: Because it’s better for a child to be stuck in an abusive home or out on the streets than to let two kind, loving dudes or ladies raise him/her.

top of 6th, still 5-0 jnovs

Maddux got pulled

Dodgers up, top of lineup

@LuxMentis: Please, you and Mrs. Lux need to go work in New Hampshire to GOTV. They love McCain in NH and you have to show them the way.

@ALL: Obama channels Bill Cosby.

It’s 10:20, and Barry hasn’t gotten stabby. I’m disappointed.

Hey, my stinky pals, I just spent the day at a trade show for auto dealers. Fuckers are getting pasted. No loans to be had. Sales down 25 to 30% from last year. NOT JUST DOMESTICS. GM down only 15%. Toyota, beloved maker of the prius, down 28%.

Banks pulling out of inventory financing, and lenders tightening consumer credit to a ridiculous degree. Noone wants to buy a car, because they are scared shitless, and those who do want to buy a car, can’t get a loan, GMAC announced, no loan for you unless you score over 700, and no loan higher than tissue, thats dealer cost. That cuts the number of deals that can get funded by 50%. You might think easy credit is a bad thing, but suddenly reducing sales in a major, crucial, retail sector by 50% is a fucking catastrophe. People in retail are now losing jobs, restaurants are down and people in restaurants are gonna be losing jobs, more foreclosures will follow.

There is a fucking snowball starting to roll down the fucking hill, my stinky friends.

This is the effect of the credit crisis hitting the street, and its gonna start hitting the US from the bottom up. All we hear in the press is from Wall Street, the way its affecting the top, I am seeing the data you will see compiled and published next month, a near complete collapse in retail. And since we have no fucking industry in this fucking country (thanks, Bill fucking DLC republican fuckbag Clinton) except finance, retail, and service, we are so completely and totally fucked.

RML, how many of us can that property in Northern NM support?

Parents. Absolutely. About time.

Not “choice and competition”…asshat…stop pandering to the religious twits.

charter schools in NM divert funds from public schools. Mrs RML will go to her grave fighting them

ADD as a (juris) doctor, I have prescribed myself a wild turkey 101 toddy

Troops to teachers? What? Even my McCain standards, that’s weird.

Oh, yeah. We need teachers that come right from The Suck and into a school system without proving they know squat. Yup, I want that.

PTSD+GED-teacher certification=better teachers?

More math, please

@Prommie: Ooooh, are we starting our own little compound like those fundie Mormons, except, y’know, not crazy?

They left the money behind on No Child Left Behind.

See, PG, that’s how you deliver a zinger.

@rptrcub: Don’t get me started on this, honey. My head explodes on gay adoption bans at the same level as it does on abortion bans. If you can’t give more money to No on 8 out here, donate money in Arkansas to oppose the ballot initiative to ban gay foster/adoptive parents.

I’m sensing not a bang but a whimper here, closing the debate on questions of education. We all want our kids to be edumacated, right? Except for the rabid chingacabra home-schoolers who think the only book their kids need to know is the Good Book. But the rest of us, right?, want to improve our schoolz…? Oh, except when it comes time to vote for school bonds…

Oh yes, let’s improve education by getting rid of certification requirements for teachers. Don’t want anyone competent doing that job.

“I don’t think America’s youth is an interest group…it is our future.” Nice.

And I would give A LOT to NOT hear and “R” in Washington.

HF quote: Once you go Black (Eagle), you never go back!

@redmanlaw: I think it’s over for the boys in blue. It’s over for McCain too. My wife says his smile is the creepiest thing she’s ever seen.

@Mistress Cynica: Again, he thinks palin’s kid has autism. Does he think it’s the same thing as Down’s? Jesus H. Christ.

@SanFranLefty: I’ve given my $10!

Are uncommitted voters in Ohio just indifferent to McCain most of the time, or is that CNN meter thingy some kinda Star Trek-like graph that’s there just for special effects?

@Dodgerblue: MAN RAM goes deep!
5-1 bottom 6th 2 out

ADD: 3rd out. JNOVS back up

Is PG deliberately confusing autism with down syndrome??? WTF.

And this voucher crap just hurts public school funding…further bollocksing an already wretched issue.

My friends, I am an asshat.

@Pedonator: (Flippin) Nevermind that education is pretty much a moot point at a federal leverl, because states for the most part have been given authority to fund and/or structure education.

@Mistress Cynica: He does. My wife and I are both yelling at the TV.

@Dodgerblue: Mr. SFL just walked through the front door after a long day at work saving us from earthquakes and asked “What’s wrong with McCain? What’s wrong with him?”

The fucking grimace.
The snort.
The eye-rolls.


Really, Prommie, Unicorn swabbed the deck. Despite mentioning the silver spoon in his mouth, McCain is not a winner.

The Ladiez in Ohio love edjumacation!

@redmanlaw: Manny has done everything the Dodgers have asked of him, and more. Too bad he can’t have all the atbats so he could drive himself in.

McCain mocking Obama’s eloquence? Dick.


I heart Bob Schieffer – way to quote Mrs. Schieffer.

WTF is that orange thing that Cindy is wearing?

And Michelle – again with the hot dress

I almost said “look at the president and his wife” talking about michelle and Eaglet

Hey, MSNBC? I could care fucking less what Tom Brokaw thinks.

I picked a bad week to quit drinking.

(BRB) PG is like a blinking baby doll being tipped constantly back and forth, and probably peeing.

Also: WTF, Bob? What?

And Cindy’s outfit makes her look like Chernobyl Mantis Spice

Obama really “looked” good in this…calm and unflappable.

Given all that is happening these days, exuding “calm” in the face of just about anything is a huge plus….

It beats the hell out of blinking frantically and cackling.

Thank you Rachel Maddow – for noting that McCunt mocked “the life and health of the mother” in abortion issues.

@drinkyclown: Every minute David Gregory doesn’t talk about Joe the Plumber is a minute I respect him less.

Begala voiceover for movie trailer: Psychogeezer is: GRUMPY MCNASTY. Coming to polling booths near you.

Dick Gregory, you are indeed a dick.
As usual, Pat Buchanan watched a debate in an alternate universe.

@Ewalda: You should start again, I’m sure your liver transplant will be covered under the genius McCain Healthcare Plan. That’s what I’m counting on, anyway.

@LuxMentis: I agree. I was wrong a few weeks ago when I was yelling at Obama to bring it. Looking calm and presidential is working for him. I had to admit to my wife that I was wrong about this.

Whoops. David Gregory. This is what happens when I don’t drink.

Mrs RML calls it for the O

I was busy prepping my newly tiled home office for sealing (doing much better after some rest, thank you very much), flipping back and forth to deadspin, TPM, the game and don’t know. Geez started out strong but I hate Republicans so much I shouted him down every time he opened his mouth.

Rachel: “John McCain’s worst debate.”

cNN: McCain won early rounds, got tired and flatfooted by end. Barry “professorial” but may have won on points. I think W goes to GeeEe according to the spin.

@Mistress Cynica: Ha, I was just looking at the comments on that page and like five people said the same thing.

Tweetie gets it right for once. Not even anti-choice women want John McCain– or anyone– but their doctor deciding when their lives are in danger.

Commenters on TPM and deadspin loved the O for the most part

bottom 7, Dodgers up, 2 out, bases empty
still 5-0

McCain took the first half by being aggressive; Obama laid back and got the second half when the Geezer started relying on tropes.

Gotta love the shit-eating grin on Mitt Romney’s face as he paints a completely different picture from reality.

Nomah walks.

Bottom 7th 2 out – runners on 1 and 2

ADD: Dblue: Heard Stones on the PA (Gimmie Shelter? and Get Off My Cloud.) Klezmer also?

ADD 2: Jeff Kent goes down. Top of 8th

Wow. MSNBC found a black woman who’s voting for PG. How long do you think that took?

redmanlaw: Meanwhile, the Corner is absolutely FUBAR. Server is fucking down.

@redmanlaw: Gimmie Shelter is the best Stones song ever.

Joe the Plumber says, “No job too big or small”. I’d nominate him for the secretariat of my treasurariat.

Hillary is on CNN. Doing her bit, as the Brits say.

I’d just like to say that I had a perfectly charming evening. And I would like to thank senator McCain for making me throw a perfectly good martini at the new flat-screen tv.

Where do you suppose Hopey gets his suits? Dolce and Gabbana? Banana Republic? Does Chris Rock take him shopping?

@Dodgerblue: What Brits? Name one. Name one Brit who ever said that.

@JNOV: It is actually quite profound.
Fun: Little T&A, Love is Strong, She’s So Cold, Jumpin Jack Flash

@chicago bureau: Corner? Esplain, please.

@Lyndon LaDouche: Juicy Couture. After all, he is drinkable. And relatively good for you.

@Lyndon LaDouche: “But this wasn’t it.” I used that line in a radio debate today on a Cal ballot proposition (CA stinquers, vote no on 7 and 10, also no on 8, the gay-hating proposition.

Re doing one’s bit, I refer you to many British movies, not one of which I could tell you the name of.

CBS Poll: America is in the tank for Obama. 53-22. I (Chicago Hussein Bureau here) didn’t think it was that wide a margin — I actually had it a draw. But… damn.

@Pedonator: Chris Rock wears fierce suits. If I was that thin (used ta be) and black and rich (or running for preznint on the cool ticket) I might take me to Burberry’s and tell em “Make me look good like Chris Rock, you Limey bitchez.”

redmanlaw: Corner = National Review blog — the Ayers pushing crowd. Curious to see what they thought. Available for the strong-willed at

@Lyndon LaDouche: From the disadvantaged perspective of the straight male, I’d have to say that Tha Uni’s suit radiated retro-Rat Pack ultra cool, while McCain looked way banker/establishment in the pinstripes. I also thought that Geezer’s tie sucked. Keef is going for the Joker look with that suit, and I hate the tie.

More Turkey. Medicinal, you unnderstand.

Mr. Pedo is taking the over/under on how soon we’ll see work vans displaying “Joe the Plummer” on the side panels.

Don’t know if someone’s mentioned this alreads, but McPain’s lips were obscenely pink! Like laid-out-for-a-viewing-then-horrifically-reanimated pink. Like he came back for one final “git off mah lawn!”

Hmm crap I’m too drunk to pay attention to the wrap-up anymore, and not stoned enough to play rockband well.

@chicago bureau: Maybe Chris Buckley kept a set of keys when he left.

ADD: CNN has it 58-31, for the INADEQUATE BLACK MALE. Holy shit.

@Lyndon LaDouche: …at which point, they brandished their tape-measures and proceeded to feel up their Limey overlords, and decided there and then their ministrations would be for the good of Ol’ Glory.

Good news from Maine…the RNC is pulling all ads. Hehe.

@redmanlaw: @JNOV: Brown Sugar, really heard for first time stoned to the gills on a buddy’s Bose 901s in high school. Saxophone baby!

CNN now giving it to the Eagle based on their viewer polls and analysis that Hopey held his ground and PG had too many moments of Extra Geezitude. Hints of BobDole crankiness, altho frankly Dole was a muppet compared with the psychogeezer.

Howard Fineman’s hair is recovering nicely.

@Dodgerblue: Earlier I said that both Geez and the Dodgers were in must win situations tonight.

/too much Jim Rome and ESPN radio all day long. I heart Michelle Tafoya and am getting to like Amy Lawrence.

@Dodgerblue: As in everyone’s favorite Limey movie Poofters?
Hillary: Mummy was doing her bit when the tea cart ran over her foot and… (stifles sob).
Giles: I say, Hillary, it’s not… bad news is it, old chap?
(Yes, Hillary’s a chap. Try to keep up. These are Limeys)
Hillary: It’s not… very bad news. Unless you count gangrene and… lack of Tetley’s bad news.
Giles: God. No Tetley’s?
Hillary: And there’s no digestives either.

You see, it’s a different world view. You Yanks think international finance whatsit entrepreneurial thingy of paramount importance. Limeys know: it’s a good cup of tea with a decent biscuit.

Oh dear God, I have a whole herd of coyotes howling outside.

My dogs are sleeping through it.

@redmanlaw: Amy and Rachel. Nice Jeewish girls. Names, anyway.

@Lyndon LaDouche: The oracle google gave me this bit of wisdom concerning poofters:

“Poofter: An Australian man who likes women more than beer.

(Flippin) Here in Chicago we’ve switched to Tivoed Project Runway final. No liveblog from HF, count your lucky stars Nojo!

@Lyndon LaDouche: I always loved conferences and workshops in the UK because there were elevenses, luncheon, and tea. And I think coyotes run in packs.

KO put the “joe the plumber” count at 25

@Lyndon LaDouche: I didn’t know what “poofter” meant until I saw the Monty Python piece about the Australian philosophy department, and then i kinda figured it our from context. “Are ye then a poofter?”

@Dodgerblue: Some people say we tha lost tribes. L’chaim, bro.

On to the tequila anejo margarita for the vitamin c.

ADD: Dodge – my condolences, dude. JNOV, C-I-L-L tha Rays (assuming they advance).

@Dodgerblue: My Jewish grandmother had a nose like the guy on the buffalo nickel.

@Dodgerblue: Poofter.

@drinkyclown: That’s sort of the definition of an Austrian man.

@Mistress Cynica: Darling, out here the coyotes were making the most fearsome noise. Howls plus squealing and yelping. They’re well established west of us in the Catskills but it’s unusual to hear them here. They’ve gone now. I’m only glad they didnt disturb the sleep of our home pack. I’m supposed to be working. You can see with what success.

@Dodgerblue: We could form our own tribe with JNOV, Jamie, and what the hell – baked.

ADD: Pick yourself off the floor, JNOV, Phillies win the pennant.

ADD 2 – @ Lyndon – so how does an actor “work” at home and does it involve smoking jackets.

@Lyndon LaDouche:

I absolutely adore British accents and expressions. When I was over there on vacation, I spent lots of time in pubs in London and Brighton trying to get people to say things like “are you mental?” and explain about A Levels and O Levels.

I drink Tetley every morning, btw.

I do have one small prob: I disagree with Barack Obama on just about everything of consequence since the nomination: Campaign finance, FISA, gun control, tax-payer funding for religious organizations, that despicable “Wall Street Bailout” in its initial form, late-term abortion bans (WTF??).

Should I worry about this, or just lie back and let Black Eagle take me now?

Or more to the point, is he faking right till after the election?

@Lyndon LaDouche: God. No Tetley’s? Might as well compose a eulogy for civilisiation. I say old chap, how does the torture thing sit with you? Seems bloody unsporting of the Yanks, right-o?

@Original Andrew: No point in worrying, when you consider the alternative.

@Original Andrew: Yes, lie back and take it. You know how that is. You’ll learn to like it. He’s not by any means a ‘liberal’ in the traditional sense. Personally, he’s way too far to the right for me. I suspect he is faking it till it’s safe to swallow but I do think he’s the real deal.

@Original Andrew: Exactly, everything I have against him is deemed “centrist”, I know what kind of freaks we have for citizens of US America, but how the hell have the parameters of debate become so narrow?

@Pedonator: We were all raised on it at school while fagging for brutes in the upper sixth. Nothing like a damn good slippering after gym to set these blighters straight.

@JNOV: Seriously, I do think he’s the real deal. Not a liberal. He’s something new. And I think he’s worked it out. He’s quite conservative socially but he’s not reactionary or narrow-minded. I think he really can see the other person’s point of view. And he’s so fucking smart! Not overtly emotional, not a firebrand, but brilliant at building his case. Look at what a phenomenal campaign he’s run! He beat the Clintons! From nothing! Think what he could do for the country. He could be a truly great president. When I think of the possibilities I start to cry. After all these years of crap. If only we can get him safely into office!

.@Dodgerblue: Cali stinqures/lurkers – not only should you vote no on 7 and 10 per Dodger, but you have to vote no on 8 (stripping our ghey friends of civil rights) and also vote no on props 6 and 9 (ballot initiatives for “victims rights” etc. that would strip more than a billion bucks from the general fund to rewrite more than 60 sections of the Cal. Penal Code and do some other general damage in the name of “Safe Neighborhoods” – gmail sanfranlefty[at]gmail if you want me to send you the full 6 pages of talking poings on why you must vote No on 6 and 9.

and don’t forget to vote no on Prop 4 – which would require mandatory parental consent for all abortions for girls under 18 – I will send you my talking points on why the ear–piercing analogy is not appropriate.


Or do what my boss says and vote NOOOOO no matter the issue, because direct democracy sucks and we elect a Legislature for a reason…

@Lyndon LaDouche: That’s my take on him, too. Thanks for sharing what you think of him. He IS the real deal, and these three debates have given people the chance to recognize true quality when it’s there in front of them. And with McCain as foil, it’s even clearer just how good he is.

@Lyndon LaDouche:

That’s the deal. Bill Clinton faked left into the WH, and turned out to be the best Republican president this nation ever had. I got so tired of making excuses to myself whenever he pushed through his Republicrat agenda.

I just don’t want to be disappointed like that again.


Does the CIA actually do anything other than overthrowing democratically elected, leftist governments, kidnapping and torturing people?

Wait now I’m watching Project Run Gay and J.Lo. has a “foot injury” but boyfriend Tim Gunn is there…

don’t tell me the ending all y’all in the east coast —

@Original Andrew: Maybe I’m showing myself as a civil rights attorney here, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the judiciary at all levels – so bitch all you want about Bill but without him at this point we’d be at the fucking Fourth Reich


No question, right you are. That’s why we needed to institute a full program of de-Bushification on 1/20/2009.

(un)Civil servants, (failed) diplomatic staff, wingtard judges, etc, anyone and everyone appointed by Bush II has to go.

@Original Andrew: As a gun owing liberal Democrat and the self-appointed firearms and field editor of this esteemed site, I took the opportunity to thoroughly study Obama’s positions on gun control (spent my birthday cleaning the local shooting range ready to talk to guys giving me shit about the Omama sticker on the truck.)

As the owner of numerous handguns, hunting rifles and shotguns, I have nothing to fear from an Obama administration. I do differ from him on lawsuits vs. firearms makers, and I recognize that local governments may wish to clamp down on gangsters packing heat, as opposed to others who are acting in self-defense of their homes or persons. Restrictions on high capacity magazines, on legal ownership of semi-auto arms, weird shit like .50 cal. BMGs, are not an issue with me. I would like to get a semi-auto SKS or AK-47 (the chosen rifle of revolutionaries world wide) some time. though.

@Original Andrew: Yeah, I dunno why anyone expresses surprise, I always assumed They did that as a matter of course. And why was the plea for a permission slip so late? Did they just happen to have a handful of otherwise law-abiding agents who got their jollies waterboarding suspects and suddenly realized they could end up in the Hague?

@dodger: so sorry hon. But we can agree that any team formerly known as the DEVIL rays should lose to the RSox, right?

I’m going to cheer for team JNOV if nothing else because I want the scrappers to win the World Series.

Meanwhile, JNOV, the Deadheads for Obama had their big show in Penn State land on Monday – so sad that you and NaaaahBEEEESCO weren’t there

@redmanlaw: Please, will you go on the road to Texas, Colorado, and Arizona? Seriously. You are major talking points there.

@SanFranLefty in Denver. I’ll do Colorado if they throw in a ticket to see Metallica in Denver on Election Night. I can crash at my buddy Beto’s place.


I understand your POV, reds, really I do. But I live in a neighborhood in SEA where people are regularly killed with handguns–seven in the seven years that I’ve lived here by my count. Mostly gang related kids under 18. A few years ago, a 14 year old boy was shot to death on my block. Canadians have registration and handgun control and they murder each other with guns at a fraction of the rate of US Americans.

I’m open to other solutions; what are they? (I know, I know: Move, right? Even in my “transitional” neighborhood, a house is freakin $500K, to say nothing of safer parts of town. Moving is not really an option. Plus I really love my ‘hood–except for the body count).

@Lyndon LaDouche: I think close to half of the US American voting public could use a good slippering.

@Original Andrew: I thought you disagreed with the O. He thinks they should regulate gun ownership to reduce deths in the hood. Whatevs, so long as its directed at bad guys v. moms pullin her Charter Arms .32, .380 auto, or Hi-Point 9mm on bad guys.

@SanFranLefty: You and Dodger are saving me a lot of time reading through the Voters Guide that hasn’t arrived yet.

@Original Andrew: I’ve been thinking for awhile that Hillary was just an amateur triangulator compared to the new master.

I haven’t used “Unicorn” since the Summer of Centrism. I still think he has a good chance of being one of the great presidents, but it won’t be because I like everything he does.

@nojo: I do what I can. I haven’t figured out what I think about the calves in a box (aka Prop 2) – if Dodger can save me the work I’ll be happy

@nojo: Darling… ‘hasn’t yet arrived.’ Don’t want to upset anybody over GRAMMAR.


Perhaps I misunderstood. When the Supreme Court ruled this year that Americans have a fundamental right to guns and overturned DC’s gun ban (I’m sure that’s gonna end well), I seem to recall Unicorn stating that he agreed with the ruling.

DAMN! i fell asleep! and discovered it’s the best way to watch these things. thanks for the cfiffs and WHO the hell is joe the plumber?
this is the best place to read the recap. so geez looked and sounded like the raving nonsensical madman he is? barry kept cool and made john a fool? ok..that’s what i’m taking away from the comments.
i will NOT sleep through the election, as appealing as that sounds.
where is the election party gonna be?

11:33 pm • Wednesday • October 15, 2008 @Dodgerblue: We could form our own tribe with JNOV, Jamie, and what the hell – baked”.

umm, reds?…what do you mean by that????

@Lyndon LaDouche: Mencken warned me about you schoolmarms.

@Original Andrew: True. But as with speech, tha O apparently believes that the 2d Amdt right is subject to reasonable restrictions. I do respect your POV, however.

Martinis are good for colds, right?

Beretta 92/Steoger clone, Ruger P95/SR 9, or Glock in 9 mm may be the next acquisition, that or a small .357 (the S&W I got is a little big for concealed carry). The Springfield XD is also pretty cool, too.

@baked: NDNs + Jews, thas all. Martini? We’re out of lime juice.

it’s an honor…i think. anyway, i have lime juice you’re welcome to.


How are your fur-babies? I hope everyone is all snuggly and happy now.

P.S. You didn’t miss anything with the debate. Just the usual half-truths and platitudes.

@baked: Heart.

Come on out to New Mexico. It’s on the way to Israel. We have solitude, skiing, fishing, hiking, pool tables, etc.

@Original Andrew: Seriously. Fucking talking points sliced and diced meet the question.


I dunno, I thought that part where McPain accused Hopey of not supporting medical care for phoetuses (is that the proper British, LLaD?) who survived abortions* totes set a new highmark in public discourse.

*Mind you, I don’t remember exactly what PG spewed since my rage blackout kicked in way before that. How anyone watching could refrain from yelling “oh, for fuck’s sake!” at that point is beyond me. But it’s over now, thank the FSM.

@Original Andrew: Where are you? The CD? Beacon Hill? I personally think that south Seattle is going to be the next hip area, Beacon, Georgetown and Columbia City are filling up with artists and freaks, the gentrification cannot be far behind. Unlike, say, the poor doomed Denny Triangle.

@redmanlaw: Hey I’m like 1/16th Inuit, does that count?


I’m in West Seattle next door to High Point. People joke that if they get pulled over for speeding through my ‘hood they’ll tell the cops they’re dodging the bullets. Of course, the area has changed significantly with all the new development since I moved here in 2001 that’s fer sure, but we still have these seemingly random spasms of violence. And hip, it’s definitely not.

How about you?

@Original Andrew: West Siieeed has always seemed like another city entirely, I’ve never really hung out there, but then most of the neighborhoods here are insular and remote. I’m up on Capitol Hill, or “Fag Mountain” as my friend’s mom calls it. The curse of living in Seattle is that you never leave your neighborhood because everything is right there so why leave?

@drinkyclown: Won’t you come and join the party, got to dress to kill.

@Original Andrew: Kind of missed that. May have been mixing a drink.

I really had to stop reading this op-ed piece about the Talibunny before I fell of my chair and started foaming at the mouth and biting random objects.

And I quote “But in her brief starring role on the global stage she has been a powerful psychic enema, flushing out the poison at the heart of establishment feminism for all to see.” I used to like enemas…

Back during the good war, WW II, there was a “knit your bit” campaign over there in poofterland, according to the googles, under which the ladies would knit something wooly for the soldier lads or something.

@CheapBoy: So, basically she is against baby killers, but waited until the last two paragraphs to say so?

That op-ed is a triumph of ignorance.

@Prommie: I think that Limey ladies knitted stuff for the boys in both WW1 and 2. I know it was a very important social rite in the first war. Women would also make bandages.

@CheapBoy: I liked the “kept her Wonderbra and burned her brain” quote.

@Original Andrew: OED gives foetus as an old spelling with fetus accepted. No ph a la ‘phantasy’. I still get confused by differences. It was only a few years ago I realized that one was supposed to capitalize days of week, for instance. And just last week that I discovered that here in the States we go forward while in the UK we go forwards. BTW I can be much more boring on this topic than you could believe possible.

And I’m with you on disappointment. I think it’s important to draw the distinction that he is not a traditional liberal. He’s not left -wing at all. I think he is really trying to find a new way. And, given how brilliantly his campaign has been managed, he might just be able to work in DC.

@redmanlaw: “ADD 2 – @ Lyndon – so how does an actor “work” at home and does it involve smoking jackets.” I’m mostly working as a writer these days. It’s such a relief not having to traipse about stages pretending to be interested. I have to go to the city for an audition tomorrow. For a play to be done at Berkley Rep. Ugh. Not the place but the ridiculous rigmarole. It actually puts you in a position of strength as an actor if you can walk into the room not caring if you get the job or not. But I suppose that’s true with anything.

@SanFranLefty: The only thing redeeming about a Sox-Phils series would be having Terry Francona return to Philly. I’m hoping the Rays take the ALCS, then they cancel baseball until the Pirates get out of AAA.

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