Graydon Carter was right.

In related news, apparently there are worse things than sharing a name with a Wingnut Senator.

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Bob Costas makes gun control speech on ‘Sunday Night Football’ [LAT]

Our guest columnist is a United States Senator from Utah, and, apparently, a RINO.

Dear Friend,

President Barack Obama has presided over one of the largest government expansions in our country’s history. His administration’s annual trillion dollar spending deficits are the highest ever and have added $4 trillion to our national debt in record time. The President’s budget proposals recklessly ignore necessary reforms to the programs driving America’s out-of-control spending and all but guarantee that our economy will collapse under the weight of unsustainable debt. President Obama’s failure of leadership the past three years is unprecedented in America’s otherwise proud history.

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[Salt Lake Tribune, via Political Wire]

Our guest columnist is a fucking asshole.

Dear Fellow Conservative,

I’m Senator Mike Lee. When I defeated a three-term incumbent last year it struck me; it’s not enough to be a Republican. It’s not enough to call yourself a Conservative. We need to elect people who understand the United States Constitution and are willing to put everything on the line to defend it.

Every time the government acts it does so at the expense of our liberty.

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