This. Means. War.

Our guest columnist is a fucking asshole.

Dear Fellow Conservative,

I’m Senator Mike Lee. When I defeated a three-term incumbent last year it struck me; it’s not enough to be a Republican. It’s not enough to call yourself a Conservative. We need to elect people who understand the United States Constitution and are willing to put everything on the line to defend it.

Every time the government acts it does so at the expense of our liberty.

Today, there are very few aspects of our lives the federal government cannot and does not intrude upon. We are confronted with over-regulation at every turn and the sovereign authority of the states has never been weaker.

Our national debt is unsustainable as Washington persists in perpetual deficit spending. There is a deep and fundamental opposition in Congress to structural reforms that will start to solve many of the challenges we face.

I believe the root of many of these problems has been the erosion of constitutional limitations on the power of the federal government. It has become too big, too expensive and too intrusive, all at the expense of American ingenuity, economic prosperity, and individual liberty.

That is why I have created the Constitutional Conservatives Fund.

We need leaders in Washington who respect the limitations placed on the federal government by our Constitution. The American people deserve to have representatives that correctly understand and follow the letter and spirit of our founding document. We must demand that Washington not act outside of its powers that are few and defined.

The Constitutional Conservatives Fund will actively support future leaders who believe in the limited role of the federal government.

Will you join me in identifying and supporting candidates for federal office who respect our Constitution?

Constitutional Conservatives Fund [via email]

“Every time the government acts it does so at the expense of our liberty.” Like, say, fighting WWII? Integrating schools in the South? Developing and building the interstate highway system? All led by that commie Eisenhower.


The Mike Lees of today would have been lining up ’round the block to be first to slobber Hitler’s knob (anti-Communist, you betcha), so I suspect they’d count all of those things as “at the expense of our liberty”.

why do teapublican’ts believe that every benefit granted to one necessitates a penalty to another?

why all the anger at the federal government and love for state and local governments? the only federal penalty i suffer is payroll deductions. the county taxes my bank financed 2 steep acres and house. the state charges me to drive on roads built with federal money (here in tennessee anyway). one city here takes pictures of me running red redlights while another films me speeding. state patrolmen and local cops ask me how much i’ve had to drink. the state cuts themselves in for damn near 10% every time i buy groceries here. the way i see it only one of my sweet liberties suffer federal taxation while the state, county, and city schutzstaffel inhibit my every move, freedom, and liberty.

I think he has the Constitution confused with the Declaration of Independence. It’s pretty clear he’s never read Article 1, Section 8.

@al2o3cr: The Mike Lees of today would have been lining up ’round the block to be first to slobber Hitler’s knob

While singing Andrew Lloyd Webber hits.

Considering that Utah gets about 7% more than what it pays to the Feds, he’s just mad they’re not getting more (Utah used to get 25% more than what it paid to the Feds.)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: fuck Mike Lee.

@nojo: I bet he knows all the words to Jellicle Cats. Asshole.

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Home of the Indian Commerce Clause. The Indian Intercourse Act came later.

@redmanlaw: /waves in a pinch hitter to swing at that one/

I read on the Fr33 Repubic forem last night (it was a spontaneous, one time occurrence) that a freeper wouldn’t consider Perry unless rick admitted he was wrong about the Gardisil mandate debacle. Well today Rick admitted he was wrong on a radio show. The guy is soo slick. All the criticism is going to be on the front end and he’ll wriggle out of every rat trap. Like Bush’s cocaine “line in the sand” and military record.

Maybe. On the other hand acting like he wants to go Yosemite Sam on the Fed Reserve Chair isn’t going to help GOPer money bags feel good.

@ManchuCandidate: Rupert’s WSJ has already all but declared against him.

And from the other direction, Pam Geller’s not too happy with him.

@texrednface: I’m working on the presumption that he wins the nomination, until we learn that there are enough Not Batshit Republicans to support Mitt. So I’m looking for some sense of how he’s received by the broader public, not just partisans or opponents. Too much fog this week to learn anything useful.

@nojo: I quickly scanned the local fishwrap in Pennsyltucky, but no digital ink on Perry yet. Gov. Corbett however has decided to roll back all energy conservation measures from past administrations.

Future VP-candidate Corbett? He and Perry would be great Frack buddies.

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