Even Errol Morris Has to Earn a Living


In related news, apparently there are worse things than sharing a name with a Wingnut Senator.

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Old. Back when shows used to be produced on Broadway by producers instead of syndicates of bored banksters wives/girlfriends, David Merrick opened a show that was panned by the reviewers so he found people in the phone book with the same names – Clive Barnes, Veronica Shit Face, James Arsehole, etc – brought them to see the show then took out a full-page ad in the Times with their quotes – ‘I stayed awake all the way through!’ Clives Barnes (in the business this was funny because he never stayed awake and was seldom sober). You get the idea.

But two questions: who is Errol Morris and who is Ronald McDonald?

@Benedick: ;-)

I’m George Foreman, but his name is Robert Paulson.

@JNOV: You’re just confusing me more. What is that video? Who are those people?

@Benedick: I’d tell you, but I can’t break the first rule

@Benedick: who is Errol Morris

It actually surprised me that he directs commercials, besides documentaries like The Thin Blue Line and The Fog of War.

But it shouldn’t have. Christopher Guest also has to pay the mortgage between movies.


@nojo: Darling, Mr Guest doesn’t have to pay mortgages. He’s a Lord. Spike Lee makes commercials. Martin Scorcese makes commercials. They all make commercials. You want to say to them: Don’t you have enough motherfucking money? Do you really need more?

@Tommmcatt Au Gros Sel: There’s no need to shout. One isn’t def.

@Benedick: You’re right. Jamie Lee Curtis pays that mortgage.

It’s not like studios are lining up to pay for stuff like “Fog of War.”

Michael Bayhem and his ilk directing CGI explosions run the show these days.

@Tommmcatt Au Gros Sel: that’s some funny shit right there! OMG!

@Benedick: def /def/ adj. to describe a person, thing, or event that is cool. iarchaic, circa 1981/i
“yo, mah pizzles, I got da hook-up at this def new club. It’s suppose ta be off da hizzy”

@JNOV: I can’t make a little pun? Actually, I don’t think it’s a pun, I think it’s a quibble.

@Benedick: I adore you, and you’re allowed to quibble away. It’s the ear trumpet that got me.

The interwebs told me today that the King of Taco Bell has decreed that his Corporation shall not peddle their toxic breakfast sludge in Canadia until Justin Bieber is repatriated back to his native frozen tundra.

I recently started to like a Justin Bieber song on the radio titled “If I Was Your Boyfriend,” until I realized that he wasn’t referring to something that actually had occurred in the past, rather he meant something that could have happened in the past but didn’t. In which case the song should have been called “If I Were Your Boyfriend,” and nothing enrages me more than the improper usage of the past perfect subjunctive.

Deport him now!

@Tommmcatt Au Gros Sel: Comment of the Month. I just inhaled some red wine and almost spilled it on my new couch.

@¡Andrew!: Apparently in that same interview the Taco Bell CEO said that sales of the waffle taco have gone up 420% in Colorado since they got legal weed.

@JNOV: Prince can do whatever he wants.

@SanFranLefty: I started laughing on the bus. Then I was laughing at home. Then I was outside smoking, and I started laughing again. I laughed on the commode. If I’m lucky, I’m going to wake up laughing. It feels good.

Jiggle-Jiggle-Jiggle-JIGGLE-JIGGLE-Jiggle. Something like that?

@JNOV: That was actually a subtweet to the LA Office, but works both ways.

I was wondering why the “J”, but I figured you were drunk

I like how they saved the close-up picture of the food items for the very end, and flashed it by as quickly as a “side-effects may include” disclaimer in a pharmaceutical ad.

Seriously, there was nothing in that brief picture that looked even the least bit appetizing.

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