Witnesses at today’s Darrell Issa hearing on contraception, which Issa says is really a hearing on religious freedom.

Democratic Women Boycott House Contraception Hearing After Republicans Prevent Women From Testifying [ThinkProgress]

“Former New Life Church pastor and self-described ‘bisexual’ Ted Haggard swapped wives with actor and self-described ‘church’ Gary Busey for the ABC reality show Celebrity Wife Swap.” [TPM]

No, not Rick Perry. It was Ron Paul who carried the day.

(Editor’s note: no puppies were harmed in the shopping of this picture.)


Paultards pole-dance pols’ poll!

What is it about Republicans and thick juicy corn dogs?

Totally stolen from Joe My God. But since we still have a few nominally straight Stinquers I didn’t want to risk any sudden conversions by sending y’all over yonder.