Asploders Syndrome

The Turdblossoms Are Coming In Early This Year…

“Karl Rove told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Thursday that President Obama won re-election ‘by suppressing the vote’ with negative campaign ads that ‘turned off’ potential voters, citing a victory that carried a smaller percentage of the popular vote compared to that of the 2008 presidential race.” [TPM]

Conclusive Proof That Fox News Viewers Are Batshit Crazy

The Fox Nation headline:

Obama Calls Libyan President to Thank Him After US Ambassador Murdered

The quote in Fox Nation’s embedded Fox News video:

Mr. Obama, calling Libya’s president to thank him for his condolences for the American lives lost.

When they start quoting their own stories out of context, you know we’re in trouble.

Living in Oblivion

NBC Airs Kardashian Interview on Breast Implants Instead of 9/11 Moment of Silence [New York]

What Passes for Journalism

“What is this?” asks the Washington Post at the bottom of a web page. Well, it’s crap, that’s what it is. It’s not new — we’ve covered the idiocy before — but it has the effect of making you feel dumber than before you saw it. It doesn’t even have the fleeting value of a “horse-race poll” when Preznidents are still chosen by the Electoral College. It’s WaPo’s version of an empty chair.

Good Luck Spinning This One…

“A firsthand account of the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden contradicts previous accounts by administration officials, raising questions as to whether the terror mastermind presented a clear threat when SEALs first fired upon him. Bin Laden apparently was shot in the head when he looked out of his bedroom door into the top-floor hallway of his compound as SEALs rushed up a narrow stairwell in his direction.” [AP/WaPo]

Jaguar Presents the Ad of the Year

Soon as we can get the fucking ignition to turn, we’ll tell you.

Cory, Harold, and Barack

So we were enjoying some backstairs chatter with SFL about how boring the political news is right now, how the only topic on tap is Cory Booker showing up on Meet the Shill for purposes of objecting to the Obama campaign’s attacks on Bain Capital, how everyone suddenly notices that Cory has some Wall Street backers, and how Cory may be harboring some wee resentment that Barack scored the First Black Preznident trophy instead of him.

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