Jaguar Presents the Ad of the Year

Soon as we can get the fucking ignition to turn, we’ll tell you.


Shit, sorry Nojo! Where did this post come from? I swear the Paultard one was the last one up ten minutes ago.

@SanFranLefty: I was rushing mine, saw yours, and backdated it an hour. Couldn’t wait.

@nojo: I can go through the time machine and pull and re-date mine for tomorrow morning in the wee or 7 am hours if you want.

@SanFranLefty: No, it’s cool. I rushed this one because I have something else already slotted for the morn.

Alternate pitch for Creative:

“Hang it all, Jared – I’m springing for a JagUwar”

Sweet hangin’ Limey, this is a great header for a great post. Good work, Hobbes.

Jaguar does a lot of things right, but building wiring harnesses is not one of those things. The reason you can confidently buy a mid-90s and on Jag is because Ford did the wiring harness and other electrics. Watch mid-90s hair Clarkson test a ’96 XJ here.

Is it bad that I laughed out loud for a good minutes and a half when I saw this? Of course, I also hooted when Layne’s car wouldn’t start, because I’m just that compassionate. And I totally saw that coming.

@I’m passing for white: It is. Silent Creative Partner flagged me to an article written about Jaguar following last week’s episode — before this week’s — and the article mentioned the new slogan. One mad Google session later…

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