Cory, Harold, and Barack

So we were enjoying some backstairs chatter with SFL about how boring the political news is right now, how the only topic on tap is Cory Booker showing up on Meet the Shill for purposes of objecting to the Obama campaign’s attacks on Bain Capital, how everyone suddenly notices that Cory has some Wall Street backers, and how Cory may be harboring some wee resentment that Barack scored the First Black Preznident trophy instead of him.

And we note that Obama also has some Wall Street backers, even if they’re feeling petulant right now. And once you raise the subject of Opportunistic Black Political Yuppies with Wall Street Backers, you can’t help but think of Harold Ford.

And while we’re busy thinking how that would make an interesting story — Civil Rights Act Babies angling for The Prize and keeping a wary eye on each other — Mitt rushes out a web ad featuring Cory and Harold.

Which isn’t the story we were thinking about. Just frightens us, is all.


Well, Cory, that cancels out the whole running-into-a-burning-building thing.

DLC would be proud of you, Cory. If the DLC wasn’t considered a sad pathetic extinct joke.

Wait. Is this the guy that was mayor of Newark, NJ or something and lived in a housing project while governing?

Mad Men TJ/ Why do I know the Hare Krishna song? On The Great Religious Tour of My Childhood, I remember hitting some Buddhist/Not Buddhist thing (Nom Yo Ring Gay Kyo or whatever), and the Moonies had a compound across the street from my elementary school. I lived around the corner from The First Move Incident, and The Second Move Incident (AKA The Incendiary Move Incident), occurred a few blocks from my grandmother’s house. But this Hare Krishna thing? I don’t think I ever saw one in an airport.

I’m worried.

@I’m passing for white: Correct. Also Stanford BMOC and Rachel’s BFF. Until Sunday, his national progressive rep was squeaky clean. Now some folks are taking a closer look.

Me, I’m just fascinated with the idea — which seems obvious, once stated — that a generation of Black Upwardly Mobile Politicians (BUMPies? Has that already been done?) were self-consciously angling to become the First Black President (remember all those Obama “present” votes in the Illinois state senate), and Barry cut in line by running in 2008, instead of (as SFL observed) waiting for Hillary to do her Historic Thing first.

Harold Ford came to mind immediately, but I’m wondering who else was in the running? Was there some magazine think-piece that ran down a list in 2004?

@nojo: Don’t forget Deval Patrick was also in the mix.

@matador1015: That’s exactly what I was thinking: Who have I missed?

@matador1015: Jinx. I should hit “refresh” before posting when I’ve left the window open for a while.

Was Condoleeza on that track, or was she just a bog-standard opportunist?

@nojo: She was Dubya’s woman already.

@nojo: I think you might own BUMPY. I remember BUPPY from the ’80s, mais c’est ça.

Wow, Cory. Just. Wow.

Lemme know what Maddow says about this tonight, if anything? Plus there seems to have been some rather opportunistic cuts, but still…

@SanFranLefty: Holder doesn’t pass the mustache test.

@Bene: Finished 21 in the Up series. I feel for these kids, except for Junior MP PM. I fear the squatter kid might not be around in 29. I’m kind of distressed.

The three young girls and the jockey kid might not be able to sing Waltzing Mathilda in Latin (ugh), but they were just as bright as those prepsters and way more grounded. Too bad there’s no appreciation of or accolades for kids like them.

It’s not like we don’t have a Life Conveyer Belt in the US, but we’re much more dishonest about it.

@I’m passing for white: Buppy. Right. That was lurking in the Very Deep Recesses of my mind.

@I’m passing for white: Lemme know what Maddow says about this tonight, if anything?

Looks like she’s leading with it…

@I’m passing for white: Cory’s butthurt that he said something so easily plucked. Stretch that over ten minutes.

ADD: “I’m an Indepedent Democrat, but I’ll suck Administration Cock when I need to.” (Note: Rush transcription.)

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