You Probably Think This Post is About You


I went to school with him. He went to Queen’s for two years. The few interactions with him were quite unpleasant.

To paraphrase a quote from the movie my login name is based on:
“It isn’t as if (Musk’s) hard to like. He’s impossible to like. In fact, he’s probably one of the most repulsive human beings I’ve ever known in my whole – all of my life.”

It’s a dark day with the pending fall of privacy rights and end of self-determination.

The Women’s Marches and the Black Lives Matter protests were the largest civil actions in this nation’s history.

And here we are. We got nothing.

A national strike that targets the cash flows that are the only thing that the United States’ despicable sociopathic ruling elites care about would be effective, but there doesn’t appear to be any way to overcome most Americans’ nihilism, apathy, and loathsome ignorance.

It’s like Winston Smith pathetically wishing that the proletariat would care about anything other than booze and lottery tickets.

Good luck with the Millennials and Gen Z—they’ve fried their brains on too much playback.

Find the key to the proles, and we’ve got a revolution.

Unlike Ted, I may have hit him with a snowball.

One of life’s great regrets.

He’s just showing off the sparkling personality that everyone… uh… loves?

/on topic/

Mush thinks he’s Tony Stark when he’s really Hugo Drax.

Sad irony, he bought the Bond Lotus Subcar from the movie starring Benedick (The Spy Who Loved Me)

@ManchuCandidate: Benedick wuz in The Spy Who Loved Me??? How on earth did I not know that; which part of the film?

He mentioned he’s one of the submarine sailors.

/off topic/
The contrast between the Ukrainians’ incredible bravery in fighting barbaric Ru$$ians and Americans’ surrender to the illegitimate Republinazi fascists here at home is beyond appalling.

@nojo: Ted Cruz with money. The nightmare.

@¡Andrew!: And meanwhile, half of the “let’s be civil” Dem leaders are clutching their pearls about Justice Kavanaugh’s NEIGHBORS protesting outside his suburban Maryland house that the Federalist Society / Thiel paid for.

I am filled with such incandescent rage that I could levitate.

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