Don’t Worry!

God how we love people telling us it’s not as bad as we think, and certainly won’t get worse!


Because they’re in denial. Even the so-called “rational reasonable” people.

It’s probably Not as Bad as you think.
It’s most likely Worse.

Wow, I’ve been reading up on this week’s apocalyptic crypto crash. Those “investors” look about as happy as a cop that just got rear-ended.

/seen online/

“Hey remember going to the movies and Matt Damon said if you didn’t buy crypto you were a pussy?”

This is fine.

Rather be a pussy with money than a broke ass ape strong pair of diamond hands.

@ManchuCandidate: Turns out that incelnet magic munnie was a Ponzi all along. This is my shocked face:


Won’t someone think of the neckbeards and the dickheads.

Tune out to watch Eurovision for six hours and all hell breaks loose.

Anyway, immigrant Ukrainian friend is happy.

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