Slava Ukraini!

We checked out almost six hours Saturday afternoon, joining our Ukrainian immigrant friend for a Eurovision YouTube watch party. When we returned, well, you know.


I’m also smiling because Musk is trying weasel out of the Twitter deal.

If I’m going to blow 44 billion (of crapto currency and hedge fund money) then it better be something cool like a moon base or a crystal palace on Mars.

I wouldn’t blow 4 billion gold foil chocolate coins on Twitter, or EtheriumDootycoin or even Canadian Dollars.

@ManchuCandidate: $1 billion is the breakup fee, I think. That’ll be fun!

Mush could’ve used his fortune to solve hunger and homelessness and alleviated suffering of countless millions.
Instead he’s declared he’s voting Republinazi and bringing Tr666p back on the Twits, thus cementing his legacy as the perfect butt plug for the world’s biggest a$$hole.

@¡Andrew!: Looks like he’s acting like a Republican, too. And it’s not even Cocktober!

Musk thinks he’s Iron Man. Literally.

Hey, Noje! So I was reading a (sensationally wonderful) biography of Edward Carpenter and his world. Turns out we have him to thank, and other anarcho-socialist Brits, for the whole ‘wearing sandals with socks’ thing. You know. Naturally it made me think of you and made me nostalgic for the whole firing of that person whose name I can’t remember, and the abandonment of that website, and the setting up of Cynics’ Corner, and the behind-the-scenes deathstruggle that ended up in the Stinque. Where there was much oversharing for a long time. So, well done. Wear your Birks with pride.

@Benedick: My young immigrant friend also violates the holy laws of open-toed footwear, but he blames it on being Ukrainian.

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