Ten Happy Things to Think About Instead of Everything Else

1. Candy corn!

2. Piles of leaves!

3. That toy you loved that nobody remembers because they weren’t kids between 1966-1975!

4. Airplane jammies!

5. Free & fair elections!

5a. Haha, just kidding, like we’re ever going to see another one of those in our lifetime!

5b. And even if we do, between the disproportionate Senate and the filibuster, like all the fucking difference they’ll make!

5c. But maybe the MAGA crowd will follow Dear Leader’s orders and not vote!

6. Eggnog!

7. Ringing the bell for militant antivaxxers succumbing to horrible, lingering deaths, gasping for the air their own aggressive ignorance denied them!

8. Glazed ham!

9. The possibility you might die peacefully in your bed before shit really hits the fan!

10. Kitties!


I went straight to No. 10.

Miss Kitty was not quite four weeks old when she landed in my lap on September 21. She is now a very good big girl! It’s amazing what a difference in her auntie Lucy’s life Miss Kitty’s first manicure has made. Go, Miss Kitty, go!


I don’t eat ham, or like eggnog.

It is comforting to focus on complaints about things that can’t really impact my life. Keep em coming!

Meanwhile, Colin Powell is getting the John McCain treatment.

It’s Candy Corn for me.

The theological implications explored by Capt. Beefheart stay with me more than half a century later :

Well they taste so good I want to eat ’em
And they taste so good I get to need ’em
Candy corn
Yellow and orange and
Yellow and orange and
Be reborn
Be reformed
Stay stay warm

Candy Corn Yellow & Orange & Re-Born!

Corn – turned into Corn Syrup – turned into Ersatz Candy Corn.

_______________It’s A Miracle!__________________

And Candy Corn Season is the time of year when bizarre candy corn strains are loosed upon the public – some tasty – some truly dreadful.

Kitties rule the rest of the year.

@nojo: Apparently Powell made his mark by helping cover up the My Lai Massacre before going on to lie the country into the Iraq war catastrophe.
He was a liar and a mass murderer, but he gave good “centrist” tho, so of course the media luvs him.

@¡Andrew!: Yeah, our old pal/Army brat Hillrat clued me in on that one. First I’d heard, but apparently very familiar in military circles.

TRUTH sounds better in the original Ru$$ian, Pravda.
After successfully installing their shithead puppet in office to destroy the United States gummit, they’re certainly getting what they paid for.

Wanna take bets on whether Attorney General Milquetoast locks up Zombie Aunt Bee/Bannon?

Are we back? I think we’re back. Bigtime server upgrade.

It’s times like this that I’m grateful the states are technically “united,” because without the union, the various states would constantly be at war with other countries AND each other.

Imagine Indiana releasing a viral weapon against Illinois because CRITICAL RACE THEORY!

Or Texas launching nookyoular weapons against California because someone had a gay marriage.

The rabid GOPnazi party of life is seething and ready to exterminate us all in their ongoing national murder-suicide.

I don’t need to watch the dystopian horror of Squid Game. I read the news.

That could be me in that photo. I had the Major Matt Mason moon base. Talk about a pick-up line at the senior center!!!

@Richard Brito: I actually won it from some Sunday-funnies contest — It’s true! It happens! — but my parents intercepted the delivery and wrapped it as a Christmas present.

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