“Sure, understanding today’s complex world of the future is a little like having bees live in your head,” says the Honorable Chester Cadaver. “But, there they are.”

Oh dear, now look what you’ve made us do, we’re opening with Firesign Theatre.

And yet that’s been our state of mind the past three weeks, the three weeks of the shutdown. We’ve been waiting to get our bearings, see where this is going, see what difference it makes when one wing of the Capitol isn’t run by traitors.

We still don’t have a fix. It’s all bees.

Which, truth be told, is an improvement over the past couple years.

Our deepest fear going into the election was that nothing would change coming out of it, that the structural faults of the Electoral College and the Senate would continue to be matched by the precision gerrymandering of the House, that the tyranny we had been living under — Rule by the Few — would continue not only unabated, but emboldened.

We honestly didn’t know whether America would make it to 2020. We didn’t fear martial law like some of our excitable acquaintances, we just feared more of the same, a government free of the consent of the governed — tyranny as defined in the Declaration — willfully acting against the interests of its citizens, actively undermining and suppressing that most important of civil rights, the right to vote for your rulers.

We’re not done with all that, of course. We just don’t know to what degree it will be mitigated during the next two years. Too many bees.

We do have a growing sense, now that the shutdown is The Longest Shutdown, that this will be the defining moment, that everything follows from who caves first, and how. America is being held hostage, the pain is getting real and will become much worse, but you don’t negotiate with tyrannical terrorists. You fold on this, they’ll just pull that move again, because they’ll know it works.

Actually, they’ll probably pull that move again either way, because they’re sociopaths. They don’t care who they harm. They just enjoy the power of it.

That was the true genius of the National Emergency, which may yet happen, maybe if Judge Jeanine scolds Donald tonight. It wasn’t a precursor to Redstate Dawn, martial law coast-to-coast, a soldier on every corner. There aren’t enough soldiers to pull that off, and we don’t see, say, Gavin Newsom handing over the California National Guard to the Feds so they can occupy Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.

No, it’s the financial mechanics of an arbitrary emergency, the ability to transfer appropriated funds from one purpose to another — and the ability to choose who gets stiffed in the process.

California and Puerto Rico, that’s who gets stiffed. Good luck recovering from your hurricanes and fires, assholes! Should have thought about that before you supported my opponent!

That was the genius of it — two for one! — only it wouldn’t be, or won’t be, that clean, not that it matters. Sociopaths don’t care who they harm, and the sociopaths who voted for them will discover what comes of devaluing humanity. You’re either the one who actually holds the power, or you’re not.

And right now, that could still play out. Or the senators letting the shutdown continue could get cold feet because real shit’s starting to go down among their primary voters. Or the Democrats could cave, because at some point it’s just not worth the harm it’s causing now, damn the consequences later.

Right now, at this moment, anything could happen. All we know for certain is that the bees in our head are deafening. “And like the young lady said,” says the Honorable Chester Cadaver, “’I say live it, or live with it!’”


Can’t we blame Rush Limbaugh for this?

@ManchuCandidate: Rarely hear about Rush these days. It’s Hannity with the direct line to Trump, Laura Ingraham as the main scold, and the morning crew as the top cheerleaders. For all the crap that Tucker spews, I never hear that anyone listens.


“A government shutdown never hurts a damn soul, and every year at this time, ‘The government might shut down! It might shut down! It might shut down!’” Limbaugh bloviated during his Wednesday radio broadcast. “Trump should not sign this bill and leave for Mar-a-Lago, and tell them it’s not gonna get signed and their precious government’s not gonna get back up and running ’til there’s $5 billion.”

Ass zit’s rants unfortunately egged the BLOTUS on. Ingraham She-Wolf of the SS as well.

@SanFranLefty: I blame the lot of them. No, Mitch isn’t holding a fresh vote on the bill that passed unanimously in December, but GOP senators aren’t holding his feet to the fire, either.

Colorado Kochsucker Cory Gardner got some DC ink a couple weeks back for saying maybe, gosh, the guvmint should reopen — but he didn’t bother to mention that in his Twitter feed (i.e., to his constituents), nor would you find evidence there that he’s at all concerned. As a senator with some party stature — he was the GOP Senate fundraiser last cycle — Cory could make some waves by coming out strong, especially facing re-election next year. Nope. Hiding out again.

@ManchuCandidate: Rush was certainly one of the braying jackals — I also mentioned Doocy and Coulter in the moment — but really, I haven’t heard much of him, or his influence, the past couple years. Day to day, it’s always Fox & Friends and Hannity. Trump doesn’t listen to radio.

True. The fact that Rush is becoming irrelevant is amusing too.

At this point, can we say: “Assumed Russian Agent Preznit Donald Trump”?

@ManchuCandidate: I’m sticking with Useful Idiot for the time being. Putin’s been playing his vanity and greed like a fiddle, and I don’t know that we need full intentionality to make it work.

GOP senators and reps remain the traitors they’ve been all along. They’re happy to let it happen.

@nojo: The only real question is how many of the GOPnazi traitors are compromised by Russia, either through bribery or blackmail.

Drink every time William Barr slips and throws a Seig Heil salute.

I saw an awesome quote recently, something like “Nancy Pelosi raised five children, so she has a lifetime of experience saying ‘no’ to wannabe tyrants.”

Poll Shows Increasing Number Of Voters Blame Founding Fathers For Starting America

Happen to stumble across this for your viewing “Pleasure.” Seems plausible.


The Libertarian -> Alt Right Pipeline.

Our old friends. Not all of them, but there were enough of them though.

What’s all the hubbub about a Merry Condo, anyway?

@¡Andrew!: Distraction from everything wrong with the world. Let them have their tidying fun.

And Nostradamus with his “I never said the *campaign* didn’t collude, just the President”

How about the candidate, nitwit?

@SanFranLefty: I’m happy with Rudy’s new line that Donald Trump has a gift for hiring traitors.

There’s a word for forcing people to work without pay… hmmm… starts with an ‘s’ and Republinazis are hellbent on bringing it back.

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