Other People Who Have Privately Told Donald Trump They Support the Wall

  • The Pope
  • Robert Mueller
  • The cast of Hamilton

  • Spencer Butte Middle School Chess Club
  • El Chapo
  • Every ghost at Hill House
  • Rachel Maddow
  • The Avengers, except Doctor Strange
  • All the undocumented workers at Trump National Golf Club
  • One billion Americans

Jeff Bridges getting a lifetime achievement award from the Golden Globes makes me feel 10 hours older than Jesus.

“Tonight, on The Running Man…”

Hey. Computer died (why do we say died when it’s really broken), but if you’re live blogging tonight’s shitstorm, I’ll try to follow on some portable shit device.

So, what’s the plan, Man?

@JNOV: Haven’t watched or listened to him speak since the convention. He’s in my head enough as it is.

Yeah. I mute his crazy ass. Looking forward to martial law at the southern border /s

Certain FB acquaintances have been getting themselves worked up that Trump would declare martial law or something, and then he didn’t, and now they’re relieved.

I gave up explaining how unlikely that was — particularly the implementation — because they were happier with their fears.

Oh and major shock of the new year: That Go Fund Me to build the wall was yet another con that swindled $20 million out of tDUMP’s loathsome, stupid cultists. Well, que sorpresa.

Veteran’s border wall fundraiser falls apart as GoFundMe says $20M will be refunded


@JNOV: How are you holding up with the shutdown?

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