When Trump Is Stuffed Into the Electric Chair For Treason and The Juice Is Turned On and His Hair and Stage Make-Up Explode Into Flames, Should the Prison Guards Put It Out Or Broadcast The Immolation on Pay Per View?

Or should we recruit nude models to shoot him into chunks with a spinny gun?

We need to plan ahead now that Pelosi has to figure out how to deliver justice and send Trump to his death in the most humiliating and cruel way possible.



N’PEACH is way too civilized in response to the white trash supremacist terrorist attack over the last two years.

Prezinazi AntiChrist and his disgusting, moron-grifting, large adult children/cabinet traitors and accomplices should be dipped in barbecue sauce, then fed feet first to a dozen starving crocodiles on national television with slow motion instant replay in perpetuity.

Perp walked with hair cut back to its natural state, and face clean of all that Orange Crush.

Shirtless in tigthty-whities to reveal the enormity of his girth and the underwhelming miniature of his manhood.

Forced to watch Melania and my new heartthrob Kirsten Sinema make out with his arms shackled behind his back, while Mike Pence gives him a shoulder massage.

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