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Two weeks into his presidency, we made a bold prediction: Donald Trump would resign before the year was out. Or, as we colorfully put it: President Pence would be pardoning turkeys this Thanksgiving.

Sure, we hedged it: 50/50 chance, we said. But honestly, that was more about the timing than the event itself. We were sure the job would grind him down within a year.

That it hasn’t is not a testament to Donald Trump’s fortitude. Instead, we failed to take into account his laziness. We thought he would he would be miserable in the Oval Office. And, by all accounts, he is.

He’s just never there.

We don’t begrudge a President playing golf the day after Thanksgiving, or skipping town. It’s just that he can be found playing golf at one his resorts almost as often as he can be found in the White House — every third day, as the Washington Post calculated back in August.

Trump certainly enjoys his golf. Especially since he can cheat at it.

He cheats at love, too, which was another part of our analysis. If it’s love you want, don’t become President. We can’t think of a beloved President in our lifetime — or in history, for that matter. Admired, sure, once you’ve been dead long enough. But not beloved.

What we didn’t account for is that Donald Trump, who has not known love a day in his life, is perfectly happy getting his cock sucked every morning by Fox & Friends, is perfectly satisfied by slanted polls selected for his pleasure, and will order his Cabinet to genuflect when he’s having a bad day.

Or, when all else fails, he’ll just lie about crowd sizes. Or the Boy Scouts.

In other words, the psychological basis of our prediction was that Trump would somehow be trapped by the very real demands and consequences of a job he didn’t really want, and certainly didn’t understand. Even Ronald Reagan, who was famous for one-page memos, delegating responsibility, and heading for the barn at five, knew what he was getting into. He had also been a governor, after all.

Trump’s solution to managing the toughest job in the world has turned out to be even easier: Just don’t do it.

So, no, Trump will never quit out of misery and frustration, since his capacity for pure escapism will protect him from being trapped by reality. We’re stuck with him for the duration.

Or at least until Robert Mueller is done flipping Michael Flynn.


Ironic that the Golfer/Loafer in Chief bitched endlessly about Obama’s golf trips.

Every lie that the RepubliKKKans spread about Obama has turned out to be true of Tdumbp.

Hey there is some great news out there: Justin Trudeau’s apology for the Canadian government’s systematic persecution of GLBTQ people is amazing and humanity-affirming.


BTW, The Book of Revelations states that the Beast shall rule for 42 months, so sorry, we’ve still got awhile.

Here’s a fun Thursday morning activity: comparing the lineup for this year’s National Christmas Tree Lighting with last year’s.

Each day’s headlines reveal some new horror or revulsion. It’s like the most effective diet plan ever.

If you’re just joining us, McCain and Murkowski are on board with the tax bill. Republicans can’t destroy America soon enough.

@nojo: A few months back my sister and I were debating with her husband which was more of a threat to America, North Korea or the GOP tax plan. He, a defense analyst (though a quite liberal one), chose the former, while she and I chose the latter.

@mellbell: Whatever threat North Korea poses is exacerbated by the administration, and compounded by what Republicans would do if it happened.

And it’s not yet inevitable. The tax bill is, as is the list of ongoing atrocities. By the time Kim bombs America, there may not be an America left to save.

It appears the Senate Parliamentarian just threw some sand in the tax bill’s gears: You can’t include a contingent tax increase with the 51-vote method.

They’ll probably figure a way around that, but any delay is good. Let all those nasty CBO scores circulate more.

Why can’t bad things happen to bad people?

Hmmm… Maybe I’ll predict Christmas instead.

Sing, sing a song,
Sing out loud,
Sing out strong!

“ABC News’ @BrianRoss reports that Flynn is prepared to testify President Trump directed him to make contact with Russians“

Just throw me on the table and have me right now.

“MORE: Michael Flynn ‘is prepared to testify…against Pres. Trump, against members of the Trump family, and others in the White House,’ @BrianRoss reports. abcn.ws/2AhU3Iq”


@nojo: We’ve been teased with so many head fakes that these fuckers are finally gonna get what they deserve, that it’s hard to get excited yet.

BTW, I’ve been meaning to share more good news and reason for hope: In the blue collar Seattle suburb of Burien, four city council members ran racist, Tdumbpist reelection campaigns, and all four were soundly defeated and will be replaced by progressives, two of whom are Latino labor activists. It’s one election, in one town, in one corner of the country, but it’s another harbinger of the coming tsunami that’ll wipe the malevolent GOP off the face of the earth.


And his POS son, too.

White House lawyer Ty Cobb described Donald Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn as “a former Obama administration official.”

Tdumbp: “I don’t know her.”


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: Tax bill looking like 50+Pence.

Speaking of whom: Flynn could snitch on Pence. And taking out a veep is less fraught than going after POTUS. Hi, Spiro!

@nojo: Will they write the bill after they’ve already passed it?

@¡Andrew!: Apparently they’re doing that right now — list of lobbyist amendments that are just being revealed.

Will the House swallow this as-is? Who fucking knows. We can only hope a few details stick in some wingnut craws.

I’m enjoying imagining Hillary kicked back with a bottle of bubbly and a bowl of popcorn, watching Flynn leaving the courthouse to jeers of “Lock him up” on a loop.

Oh man, I know it’s easy to go numb from stories like this almost everyday, but… daaaaaammnnn.

One of the closest advisors to our nation’s president and former national security advisor has pled guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts with a hostile foreign dictatorship hellbent on sowing chaos in our country.

He’s also known to have conspired to commit an extrajudicial kidnapping (and probably subsequent murder) while working as a paid foreign agent of Turkey. He and his disgusting POS son gleefully traffic in insane online conspiracy theories.


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