A Day in the Life

So Joe & Mika said some nasty things about Don, and then Don tweeted some nasty things about Joe & Mika, and then Mika subtweeted a photo about Don’s tiny fingers, and then someone tweeted a photo showing Mika wasn’t a bloody mess, and then Joe suggested he had some tapes about Don’s friends threatening them, and then a magazine said Don’s friends were really Reince and Jared, and fuck, we hadn’t even finished coffee yet.

Just another day in These United States. Welcome to The New Normal.

While we were enjoying the feud, we remembered that we had to make our daily call to our Koch-sucking Senator’s answering machine, asking him politely to please not kill our parents. Others whose lives are more directly threatened by his concerted efforts to choke them to death were having an uninvited slumber party in his office, at least until he called the cops on them.

A mile lower and farther east, activities were underway to make a list and check it as many times as needed to make sure that bad boys and girls who didn’t vote for Donald Trump would never vote for him again.

Across town, the grand project to gaslight the world was gathering coal-fired steam by eliminating all research into why our oceans are rising, our cities are boiling, and our storms are raging, because by the time Florida is submerged we’ll all be dead anyway.

Did we forget something? Oh, right. We don’t care how much you’re suffering, you can stay the hell out and let your own damn god save you.

There was an understandable fear, after Trump’s election, that he would somehow be “normalized”, that we would accept his incessant outrageousness as just the way things are, and have always been.

That hasn’t happened.

What has happened is that we’re getting used to Dealing With It, waking up to new atrocities in the morning, going to bed as new revelations emerge at night. We’re getting used to constant threats to our nation’s civic institutions, constant attempts to undermine our rights, constant efforts to guarantee our nation’s wealthiest unfettered access to more wealth. We’re getting used to the sheer relentlessness of it all.

We are, in fact, living in the moment we felt in our gut election night: Things are going to get very, very bad. The only relief so far is that our tyrants are really, really incompetent. Things could be much worse. They’ve certainly tried.

We are living history, seeing live the social struggles we only knew from books and pictures and newsreels and, for some of us, distant youth. Those glimpses of the past were ugly, violent, and not always successful, but somehow our ancestors handed down a country that was better than they found it.

We hope, for our descendants’ sake, that we can do the same.


Good thing the Trump Admin and GOPers are incompetent at actual viciousness and organization.

The Nazis were incompetent at many things fortunately, but sadly were extremely competent at both viciousness and organization.

@ManchuCandidate: Thank you for your invitation. America would like to attend your party, but she’s been sent to her room until she learns not to steal all the toys.

@ManchuCandidate: Happy Canada 150!

I’m grateful that we can look to Canada as a model of what the US could be.

/Warning: not safe for work or kids/

My hubby and I laughed so hard that we almost fainted from viewing The Internet’s Greatest Creation:

The Scottish Lilo & Stitch

Re: National fustercluck

This is why we have to take to the streets and reclaim our country on the Fourth of July in addition to calling and emailing our representatives. If we don’t, then we cede the nation to the sleazy, deranged inmates running the asylum.

The United States is the greatest country on Earth… well, after Canada, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Finland, Luxembourg, the Principality of Andorra, France, Australia… OK, we’re very near the Top 20, which is still really good!

So, besides the WWE tweet, there was a clip making the rounds today of Trump’s Saturday night speech. I couldn’t make it ten seconds before shutting it down. (Can’t stand Trump unfiltered in general, but on occasion I make an attempt.)

Nothing new there, really, just a reminder that if he could pull off fascism, he would in a heartbeat. Not that he has any clue what that is, but all his instincts draw him to it.

@nojo: His voice is an appalling mix of whining and sneering, and it’s about as pleasant as a rendering plant on a chalkboard.

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