Why Does TRUMPLIGULA! Look Like a Bizarre Embalmed Lesbian





Why Does Donald Trump Look Like a Bizarre Embalmed Lesbian
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9:42 pm • Saturday • July 1, 2017

Minor quibble about the order: gallows first, questions later.

11:56 am • Monday • July 3, 2017

Who the fuck has even watched CNN in over a decade anyway? Other than President Twitter Troll, of course.

12:17 pm • Monday • July 3, 2017

@¡Andrew!: CNN primetime is below a million viewers, far behind Fox and MSNBC.

I got this from a tweet that suggested it was a “serious problem”, to which I responded, “For whom?” The only thing today’s CNN shares with its past is the name.

12:16 pm • Tuesday • July 4, 2017

Happy US Amercia Day!

12:37 pm • Tuesday • July 4, 2017

Here’s a beautiful Op Ed from my superb rep, Pramila Jayapal.

The Country I Love

12:44 pm • Tuesday • July 4, 2017

Good insights here as well:

How should an angry liberal celebrate the Fourth of July? Fly the flag even higher

For too long, progressives have relinquished the word “patriot” to conservatives and freedom-fry hawkers. In doing so we concede defeat. If we say we aren’t proud of our country, then we are letting someone else define what our country is. America is far bigger than Donald Trump. In fact, it is 2.8 million voters bigger.

1:03 pm • Tuesday • July 4, 2017

@ManchuCandidate: “Like a crack ‘ho roarin’ outta the gutter, America will be back.”

— Don’t recall who said it

4:22 pm • Tuesday • July 4, 2017

In our America

“All people are equal
Love wins
Black lives matter
Immigrants and refugees are welcome
Disabilities are respected
Women are in charge of their bodies
People and planet are valued over profit
Diversity is celebrated”

4:25 pm • Tuesday • July 4, 2017

@¡Andrew!: That one’s really hard, particularly for those who lived through a generational shame about a Certain War. The glib patriotism was even thicker then, and the way they fondled the flag represented Everything That Was Wrong.

Although Abbie tried taking it back, give him that. And lordy, did Jimi make the anthem sing.

I’m still conflicted, and I was only a child then, not a cultural or actual combatant. But that’s on me. The sentiment is correct, even I can’t yet find it in myself to carry it out.

9:50 pm • Tuesday • July 4, 2017

@nojo: I totally get it, however if we fail to stand up for our values and our rights as equal citizens–if we let them define what patriotism means–then they win. We’ve already won the moral high ground, now it’s time to win the future.

3:56 pm • Wednesday • July 5, 2017

@¡Andrew!: Everything but the flag. I have a real hard time with the flag. Go for it, grab it, flaunt it. I won’t be holding you back.

Also, fuck the 1984 Olympics, and everyone who chants Springsteen without listening.

12:53 pm • Friday • July 7, 2017

Came across a new (to me) nickname today: Trumplethinskin. I like it.

1:58 pm • Friday • July 7, 2017

@mellbell: Not bad at all — rolls off the tongue. Nice piece of craft.

2:23 pm • Friday • July 7, 2017

This is an industrial strength dose of hope to kick off the weekend:

Robert Mueller Hires World’s Most Badass Lawyer For Tdumbp-Russia Team

6:59 pm • Sunday • July 9, 2017

@¡Andrew!: What I’m enjoying about that part of things is that I know the investigation’s gonna grind on one way or another, and we’ll be getting tasty bits of detail along the way. The congressional committees are easily derailed.

Of course, Trump could always have Mueller fired, which would be worse for him than firing Comey. At that point he would have to raze Justice to the ground to see any relief, and career prosecutors are much more intractable than U.S. Attorneys.

7:13 pm • Sunday • July 9, 2017

@nojo: My guess is that they’ll git ’em on financial crimes: embezzlement; munnie laundering; tax evasion; charity fraud; and, of course, wire fraud and racketeering. The lawyers Mueller has assembled all have expertise in these areas.

7:49 pm • Sunday • July 9, 2017

@¡Andrew!: Same hunch here: Go with what you can prosecute. “Collusion” is a muddy topic to nail down legally, but everything else is nothing but net.

Also, of course, Capone and tax evasion.

11:10 pm • Monday • July 10, 2017

@¡Andrew!: I’m sorry to admit that I was, but the yelling made me sick. And Jeffrey Lord. And that chinchillagodzilla guy.

11:11 pm • Monday • July 10, 2017

Oh, so it looks like I’m moving out of the 8th District, and I want to give someone my repeal replace Reichert page and wash my hands clean of all that shit. Ideas?

11:37 am • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

@JNOV: Hey! We’ve missed you. Where are you moving?

12:16 pm • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

@¡Andrew!: Don’t laugh, okay? Maybe Morton. Right now I’m haggling with four sisters over friggin’ carpet.

Five acres with a brook. Dude.

Still, I’m like ugh. I would have to buy two fireplace inserts and a ductless heat pump before the winter, and get the man made death trap carpet off of the stairs before I move in. Closing would be 9/1 if the sisters can get it together. Two want to give a carpet allowance, and two don’t. Trust me, the carpet is not great, and IIRC, there are four of five non-complementary colors.

They put “might offer a carpet allowance” in their listing, and I’m like, get it together, women. I’m already looking at ~8K to keep heat in that joint by Oct/Nov.

12:17 pm • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

@¡Andrew!: I almost called you last weekend.

7:14 pm • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

What did you almost call me? buhduhm ching!

7:21 pm • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

@JNOV: Whoa, you really are getting away from it all, congrats! Plenty of space for kitties and dawgs.

It’s an incredibly beautiful area. You should double check your mobile service out there. We’ve gone camping near Iron Creek several times and didn’t have service for days.

8:31 pm • Tuesday • July 11, 2017

@¡Andrew!: ZERO mobile service. Annnd, I got it. :-)

@¡Andrew!: Har de har

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