The Gift That Keeps On Grieving

Father Knows Beasts.Title: “Plunder and Deceit”

Author: Mark R. Levin

Rank: 5

Blurb: “This essential new book is, against all odds, a likeminded appeal to reason and audacity — one intended for all Americans but particularly the rising generation. Younger people must find the personal strength and will to break through the cycle of statist manipulation, unrelenting emotional overtures, and the pressure of groupthink, which are humbling, dispiriting, and absorbing them; to stand up against the heavy hand of centralized government, which if left unabated will assuredly condemn them to economic and societal calamity.”

Review: “I have lots of estrogen in my family… four daughters from the age of 12 to 30. I’m ordering 4 additional books because they are both ‘plundered’ and ‘deceived’… and Mark Levin’s book rationally outlines why.”

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Footnote: How early was your 12-year-old daughter turned off by your politics?

Plunder and Deceit [Amazon]

I sometimes catch a few seconds of Levin on the local hate radio as I’m looking for news or traffic or changing the station for the Isotopes (AAA beisbol) game. So vile. Makes Rush look like FDR.

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Jews like me used to be pretty uniformly liberal – even my Depression-era dad was uncomfortable with Reagan. He may have voted for him, but he wouldn’t say. And now he’s dead.

Thursday is Fidel Castro’s 89th birthday if anyone would like to send a card.

@¡Andrew!: Haven’t we already tried the exploding cake?

@nojo: US Presidents Hate Him.
How This Caribbean Island Dictator Stays in Power Using This One Weird Trick.

@¡Andrew!: Welcome to our new site,

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