The Hugest, Greatest, Classiest Conch Ever

Sucks to your ass-mar!Title: “Lord of the Flies”

Author: William Golding

Rank: 48

Ten Quotes That Have Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Republican Presidential Field:

  • “This is our island. It’s a good island. Until the grownups come to fetch us we’ll have fun.”
  • “Simon found he was looking into a vast mouth. There was blackness within, a blackness that spread.”
  • “Maybe there is a beast… maybe it’s only us.”

  • “The strange, attendant creatures, with their fiery eyes and trailing vapours busied themselves round his head.”
  • “The mask was a thing on its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-conciousness.”
  • “He forgot his wounds, his hunger and thirst, and became fear; hopeless fear.”
  • “He became absorbed beyond mere happiness as he felt himself exercising control over living things.”
  • “Kill the pig! Cut his throat! Kill the pig! Bash him in!”
  • “I’m scared of him,” said Piggy, “and that’s why I know him. If you’re scared of someone you hate him but you can’t stop thinking about him. You kid yourself he’s all right really, an’ then when you see him again; it’s like asthma an’ you can’t breathe…”
  • “I’m frightened. Of us. I want to go home. O God I to go home.”

Footnote: “The thing is — fear can’t hold you any more than a dream.”

Lord of the Flies [Amazon]

A party of Jacks/Rogers.

I don’t know what that makes Hilsbot though…

@nojo: I think it will end better for her.

@nojo: Look at you with your musical theatre references….Benedick will be so proud!

@SanFranLefty: Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Westworld is one of the great Lost Productions.

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