Nasty, Brutish, Short, Rinse, Repeat

This line lasts forever.Title: “Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives”

Author: Jim B. Tucker

Rank: 33

Blurb: “Readers will meet a boy who describes a previous life on a small island. When Tucker takes him to that island, he finds that some details eerily match the boy’s statements and some do not.”

Review: “First, I’d like to take skeptics head-on: you may scoff at the subject matter but you probably have no real knowledge of it. You — we — are part of a primitive civilization and know next to nothing of the nature of existence. For hundreds of thousands of years man looked at birds in flight and dreamed of flying. There are people alive TODAY who were born before man could even figure THAT out, the relatively simple dynamics of flight. So, don’t be so dismissive of what you don’t understand and assume you ‘know’ what’s possible and impossible. As Plato advised, ‘a wise man knows he knows nothing.'”

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Footnote: If the people alive today are only 6 percent of the people who ever lived, who gets the open reincarnation slots, and what does everybody else do while they’re queued up?

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Why is everyone who claims past lives claim to be someone important/rich/famous and not a “Bring Out Yer Dead” street cleaner or peasant?

OT/ The MacBook lives! I had a feeling it just needed a new cord, but I needed an excuse for an iPad, which is okay, but, meh.

2007 – ?


Speaking of prior lives… In honor of our San Francisco Supervisor John Avalos championing the vote for 16 year olds… walk with me down memory lane to recall “14 or Fight” and giving everyone over 30 LSD in Concentration Camps. It’s really not such a bad idea when you think about it.

Although Wild in the Streets was one of the worst movies of all time, it did manage to pull off the neat trick of simultaneously being a sixties teen exploitation film and generational fear-mongering horror fest for anyone over 30. And yes, that was Richard Pryor on the drums.

Son of RML, back when he was a kid, said as he looked at a ruined building at the Ancestral Homeland: “That’s where I used to live with my wife.” He also used to see things we could not, like old Indian people looking in the window of our house back when he was a little dude.

Why have I not been here in a while?

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