Secret #1: Don’t Let Republicans Trash It

Say, how’s that 2008 401k doing?Title: “Get What’s Yours: The Secrets to Maxing Out Your Social Security”

Authors: Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Philip Moeller and Paul Solman

Rank: 1

Blurb: “You’ve paid all your working life for these benefits. Now, get what’s yours.”

Review: “I would rather consult with someone instead of reading this.”

Customers Also Bought: “Being Mortal”

Footnote: While a current House of Cards subplot covers a Democratic Preznident scheming to screw over Americans for political gain — which, granted, is not inconceivable, if you consider Bubba’s welfare “reform” — the predominant narrative of Social Security eventually going “broke” relies on (a) the presumption that anybody will be left in fifty years after global warming fries our crops and swallows our coasts, and (b) pretending that the problem isn’t easily solvable by, y’know, fairly taxing insanely wealthy people. Sooner or later this New Gilded Age shall pass, and Americans will come to their senses.

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My first cup of coffee will max out my Social Security.

Hey, I’ve only seen the BBC House of Cards. Is the US one better? Spacey is creepy, but he’s not as creepy as that Ichabod Crane dude. If you’ve seen both series, which one do you like best?

@JNOV: They are very different beasts. US tracks UK in its main beats (untl this season), but UK is more straight-up satire — and, well, more immediately entertaining. It’s also, y’know, shorter.

That said, I really enjoyed US Season 2, which made Season 1 better in retrospect. US Season 3 is all Act 2, lining up ducks to start picking off next year. It’s not bad, just… just… wandering.

@nojo: I was wondering why the U.S. version was still going. I’ll check it out. I hope I don’t binge watch it.

I used to love TV marathons, but Netflix binge watching is a different animal. Battlestar was my first meganosleep binge. I think The Sons of Anarchy was my most recent. I used to watch it on the bus. No, it was The Vampire Diaries because Boone. I feel like one of those creepster Twilight women.

I loved the UK House of Cards, and consequently expected to hate the US edition–but I didn’t. Spacey is wonderful, and if you can suspend disbelief that there is a Democratic rep from Gaffney SC (the county/House district where I grew up), the rest is completely plausible.

@SanFranLefty: But it’s a personal matter, unlike who you choose to spend the rest of your life with.

Also, I’d be huffing everything in sight if I were his son. Yeesh.

@SanFranLefty: The House just got a little less fabulous.

@SanFranLefty: Does he get to keep Downton Office? That’s all anybody cares about.

@nojo: I’m guessing bitches are fighting over the Downton office right now.

@SanFranLefty: Oh, this is just too delicious, and there’s no way this resignation is over half a dozen spending and ethics scandals. Shocky’s glass closet is about to go thermonuclear. I can’t even speculate as to the extreme perversions that we’ll soon learn about in pornographic detail. My guess is that Caligula would blush. (His boyfriend’s name is Caligula, right?)

Not a schocker .

You don’t want to know what he did with the Turquoise belt.

@ManchuCandidate: dumFux Nooz to magically change his (R) to a (D) in 3… 2… 1…

Either House of Cards is fine by me – probably Robin Wright pulls me into the US one. And if the GOP steals the things I’ve been paying for since I was 14 years old, there will be hell to pay.

Sometimes I seem to be the only person left in DC who doesn’t watch House of Cards. Maybe when I have more free time in a couple months…

@mellbell: As if DC residents don’t get enough first-hand exposure to the sausage making.

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