The only survivors of the Apocalypse will be cockroaches and boy bands.Title: “One Direction 2014 Calendar: 18 Month”

Rank: 96

Review: “My daughter loves it she put it up in her room immediately and is keeping track of her home school schedule with it.”

Customers Also Bought: “One Direction Life-size Stand-up Cutout- Harry”

Footnote: Shaun Cassidy is 55.

One Direction 2014 Calendar [Amazon]

Buy or Die [Stinque@Amazon Kickback Link]


In 20 years, the remaining band members aka survivors of social sexual disease, drug use/OD and dealing with the hangover of fame will find themselves reunited and playing casinos to pay the bills/alimony/child support. Yet odds are pretty good that home schooled girl will still be uneducated.

@ManchuCandidate: Little wonder that the band name is abbreviated as 1D rather than the more obvious candidate. I actually don’t mind “What Makes You Beautiful” (it’s a catchy tune!), though it does somewhat reinforce the idea that girls are beautiful because boys tell them so. Now if only I could stop getting mixed up and — thinking of their betters — calling them New Direction.

Which, by the way, makes David Cassidy 63.

@mellbell: Debated which Cassidy to run with. Decided Shaun had even less of an excuse.

I have been able to avoid this train wreck (unlike Bieber) and have not heard them sing a note. And I feel I am better for that.

I have never heard of these people. Does that make me special?

Third from the left might be Donny Osmond.

Yes, I’ve heard about them. Offspring was mocking girl who likes them. I reminded him about Hanson. He shut up.

I’ve got the Mr. Lefty v. Lefty bowl game on my iPad.

@Mistress Cynica: I don’t think Lefty is in a waving mood. Ducks 23, Cows 7 in the 4th qtr.

@Mistress Cynica: Add: Ducks just intercepted (another) pass and ran it in for (another) touchdown. I can only hope that the Leftys’ hotel room has a mini-bar.

@Dodgerblue: Well, darn. A campus friend and I were joking last week that the Disney Licensed Mascots — and their fans — could use some humility. If they lost, we were going to sell “Remember the Alamo” tees. In Oregon State colors.

Happy New Year, you wacky drunks! I’m sick in bed and contemplating getting stoned.

@Mistress Cynica and @nojo: Mr. SFL had humility and was a gracious loser when he started to get cocky and I reminded him about how the Ducks were slaughtered by the Crazee Tree of Shallow Alto. [@JNOV: Let’s not discuss the Rose Bowl, darling].

Plus I promised him if he was nice about the game, I’d take him for some awesome middle-of-the-night absorb-the-alcohol tacos in San Antonio. Which blew his mind when he had them, and he couldn’t believe how cheap they were. Plus plus I made sure he ate brisket in 3 of his 5 meals (not counting tacos) consumed in two days in South Texas. Because that’s how I roll/hostess.

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