Infamy In Our Time

Never forget.


One wonders what they have planned for next year’s Sept 11th: ziti?

Why is one of my favorite childhood foods talking about WWII?

I should note that I embedded the actual tweet last night, but SpagOs deleted it by the time I woke up this morning.

Which is why I also made a backup screenshot.

Also on December 7th – Happy Delaware Day. 226 years old and counting.

I thought the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor… it was the Italians?

@ManchuCandidate: The French. Hence French Fries. Thousand Island Dressing was created to honor the Pearl Harbor attack. Plus fish sticks.

@nojo: Which is why I also made a backup screenshot. We don’t deserve you. (Actually, I do. But Catt and le riffraff, not so much.)

This reminds me of the bizarre yet amusing tradition that I saw in Japan of every conceivable institution having its own cartoon mascot. Even the Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki has one.

@DElurker: and Happy Birthday to my sister, whose age is classified.

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