Stiff Upper Lip, Such As.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.


I go vote now. Wish me luck.

If only I knew who to vote for. Here in NY state every vote counts. We are so battleground.

@Benedick: Early and often, as the actress said to the Bishop.

In todays stoopid teabagger news, “fraud prevention” group bounced from polls after FORGING signatures to get in. Apparently the Board of Elections isn’t swayed by “but we’re WHITE” arguments. :)

Was the 411th voter at my polling place.The line was about as long as last time but the wait was nearly twice as long. I blame people not reading the charter amendments ahead of time.

I voted at the firehouse. Very upbeat mood. Big turnout. There were actually two people ahead of me. The nice election ladies had the usual coffee, cakes, pies and soup on sale.

People brought their kids, dogs, to our local park auditorium polling place. Saw a lot of my neighbors. This is why we booted out George III and his lickspittle Hessian thugs.

Sully is fretting over the high number of outstanding absentee ballots in Ohio, but if Obama can bank a win in Colorado (79.7% probability per Nate Silver), then he can lose Florida and Virginia and still get to 272 tonight, even with Ohio hanging in the balance. Anything else would just be gravy at that point. Basically, I’m incredibly skeptical that tomorrow’s headline will be “Too Close to Call.”

@mellbell: I was really happy to have a mail-in ballot so I could research not just the eight ballot questions but the 20+ “non-partisan” judges.

@mellbell: The chart I’ve been following (not Nate, not TPM) shows Obama with 33 electoral votes to spare, so he can afford to lose Florida (red), Virginia (blue) and Ohio (blue), and hit that 272, like you say.

That’s been my wish the past couple days: That Obama can nail it without involving Florida and Ohio, and spare us a lot of grief. The catch is that Colorado (blue) and Nevada (blue) need to fall into line, so it would be very late on the East Coast before that was settled.

Or he can just win Ohio early and decisively. Or even Florida. No Florida, no Mitt.

@nojo: Sully’s point was more “ZOMG, OHIO WON’T GET COUNTED TONIGHT,” less that Ohio is essential to the overall math. Which is why it’s a stupid point.

@mellbell: At least Sully’s not freaking out over the first debate any more. That was tiresome.

I’m obligated to observe that if we ever switch to national popular-vote elections, all this absentee/provisional counting could be sheer hell unless the winning margin was greater than outstanding ballots. But hey, Democracy ain’t pretty.

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