Bad 9/11 Comparison de Jour

What is it with all these asshats from Pennsylvania thinking that something that offends their sensibilities is as traumatic as 9/11?

Last week, it was a Penn State alumnus comparing the NCAA sanctions against the school’s football team to the attack that killed more than 2,000 people.

Yesterday it was Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA), comparing the date of 8/1/12 with 9/11 and December 7 (Pearl Harbor Day for those of you still not fully awake).


Not because it would have been Jerry Garcia’s 70th birthday, but because it’s the day that the Affordable Care Act’s provisions went into effect requiring insurance companies provide preventative reproductive health care services to women, including free pap smears and equity in coverage of contraceptives.  Beware of the terrorist vagina avengers, all freshly cleaned and protected from unwanted pregnancies, out to attack AmeriKKKah.

[NY Mag]

Sweet Zombie Jeebus.

It doesn’t amaze me that JoPa defenders don’t get it is because they STILL think that Footbawl is above everything including the defensive coordinator raping kids. Sorry folks, FOOTBAWL is NOT LIFE. The reason why the hypocrites at the NCAA did this to Peen State is to teach everyone a lesson (which doesn’t seem to be working.)

As for the vagina haters club. It’s not YOUR Vagina. Fucking control freak assholes and I say this as a son of a control freak and one with control freak tendencies (which I have to keep under control… ironic.)

Interview happened yesterday. It started off well. I thought I had answered all the guy’s questions. Lasted an 1/2 hour. Not a good sign really. Left there with an awkward feeling. Usually I feel good or bad, this one interview left me uncertain and confused.

Anyway, today I get the answer. No. I’m shocked. I thought I was a good fit.

After the shock and anger wear off, I think about it. Then I get the feedback from the head hunter. Two things I agree with. One is I ramble on. The other is I need some more Project Management experience. The other two I do not agree with. I answered everything he asked but he didn’t ask much. The other was I was nervous. He was more nervous than I was. I had several mock interviews with my career councilor and handled myself well. When I am nervous my hands sweat and are cold and clammy. They were not.

Oh well, I think I was doomed from the get go. Also, the guy had to interrupt the interview several times to deal with a personal emergency.

So I finally watched the opening games in London.

Uh, did they really skip all that colonialism bizniss? ‘Cause it seems like that was a thing.

@¡Andrew!: The smokestacks weren’t enough for you? Lauer said they smelled up the joint.

@nojo: “That skydiver’s not the Queen–that’s a maaaaaaan, baby!”

@ManchuCandidate: Ugh, sorry to hear that. Sounds like the interviewer was distracted and not able to focus on talking to you. Any chance of doing some contract project mgmt work? They seem to be hiring like crazy out here in the twitterverse, though I wonder how long this Bay Area tech bubble will last…

@ManchuCandidate: Was the critique that you didn’t answer the questions or that your answers were too brief? If the latter, as a way of killing two birds with one stone (that and the perceived rambling), you might try first answering the question squarely, and then pivoting to a related point by saying “And that’s an interesting question because…” or “Another way of looking at it is…” or whatever. I ramble a lot, but in those kinds of situations I usually manage to keep it in check by forcing myself to really connect one point to the next. As for coming off nervous, what a ridiculous thing to harp on! Better slightly nervous than smug or arrogant.

Said I didn’t answer the questions.

The problem is that he didn’t ask many questions.

Oh well. Not happy about it.

Not really. Need formal experience. I don’t have enough for contract work.

Thanks all including you iAndrew!

@ManchuCandidate: The thing to remember is that if you’d have anything to do with this guy at that job, you’d be facing the same crap in your daily life that you just got a dose of in the interview. The upside to every shitty interview is, “Whew, thank god I don’t have to work for those idiots!”

@IanJ: Too true. Is there anyone that isn’t ready to mutiny at this point?

The post-apocalyptic job market is the only thing keeping most of us shackled to our current wage-slave masters.

Since I’ll be graduating from busyness school next June, I have to start running the job interview guantlet this fall. I’ve had to prepare answers to questions like “why are manhole covers round,” and “if you were shrunk down to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get yourself out,” along with the standard “where do you expect to be in five years” bullshit. Ugh.

@ManchuCandidate: Seconding what Lefty said, if you’ve ever thought about the Best Coast, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are all throwing huge wads of cash at anyone that has “engineer, computer science, or database management” on their resume.

Plus our healthy outdoor lifestyles! I took a kayak to work this morning (not really)!

@ManchuCandidate: What IanJ said.

And like ¡Andrew! said, how about checking out Vancouv-sterdam or its southern suburb of Seattle?

i have to apologize for these Neanderthals i live among. i mean they REALLY don’t get it – our (ahem) wonderful governor has pretty much signed the state over to the fracking industry which is ruining our only fresh water supply and polluting our air without even taxing them for exploiting OUR RESOURCES (claiming – “look at all the jobs i’m creatin'” while the poor schlubs manning the wells are all breathing in toxic air and handling toxic products without safety equipment)!

Many of us are trying to fight back, one county at a time, through community awareness and exposure to people who have become sickened by proximity to these sites, people who have lost their only wells to this awful industry, and speakers like the guy who made the documentary Gasland (and others). It’s a slow, uphill battle and they have state legislators in their pockets (same ol’ tactic – “we’ll contribute generously to yer campaign”) and take advantage of the greed (without informantion) that comes from waving documents promising $100,000 in front of poor and unsuspecting backwoods citizens who later find out they can’t live in their homes any more because it makes them sick and with their now contaminated water they can’t sell their homes or move.

How companies like this are even allowed to get away with shit like this i’ll never understand.

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