All Panda Cub, All The Time

Pandaazzz! At the Sandy Eggo Zoo. The unwashed masses insist that Stinque Overlord Nojo make a day trip to the zoo (tax write-off, natch), to see how Butterstick 3.0 is doing. Besides, dear hamster, it will do you good to go outside for more than a cigarette and langostino burrito down the road. The fucking iPhone app will still be there waiting for you to program it when you come home.


ADD: Though I can’t wait to see the iPhone app when it’s ready, and will pay retail for it.

Scene: The Stinque Remote Office. Outside on the sidewalk, Your Heroic Geek is taking a smoke break. As happens every four weeks or so, a car drives up, the driver asks a question.

Your Heroic Geek points to his right, explains to head that way about a mile. No turns.

And thus, another Lost Traveler finds her way to the Sandy Eggo Zoo.

@SanFranLefty: Silent Creative Partner wants to reskin it, so it’s on hold…

…while I’m working on an iPad app for another project.

But it’ll be free when we’re done with it. Promotional value.

@nojo: I’ll be in Sandy Eggo Aug 11 & 12 for a wedding. Any chance of a coffee at Stinque Remote Office on Sunday afternoon? (It is near the airport, right?)

@nojo: At which point you’ll immediately begin work on the Android version, right?


There’s a shitload of Geek Background to that. Clever folk have devised means to program for both simultaneously — I tried one of those systems last year — but the results are less than optimal. And direct Android programming is a pain in the arse.

So, iPhone/iPad for me. And the rumored new 7-inch iPad, when it’s announced in September. I’ll have my hands full.

I’m still trying to figure out what a Stinque App might amount to, aside from a better version of Stinque Mobile. Or maybe that’s enough for Version 1, since it would involve learning some handy tricks.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m 10-15 minutes from the airport, depending on traffic. And Shakespeare’s Pub is right down the hill, where I typically schedule Stinque-Ups. Better environment than the local Remote Office down that block. (Remote Office Classic is a mile or two east of the zoo, and a bit more complicated.)

@Mistress Cynica: (aside) Because SWDH is littered with unwashed grey wool socks, empty boxes of Cheerios, glam posters of ALW, the complete works of Robert Heilein in paperback in varying states of decay, and the last 15 years of Birks catalogues. I’m not prepared to discuss the laundry or the fridge. Be safe. Go with God. Or a Martini. Watch out for sailors (note: we expect pics).

@nojo: Hey, big guy. Sup. And why yes I am waiting for my number to port to my new iPhone. Thanks for asking. And I have no idea where to find the APN menu.

@redmanlaw: There are training wheels and there is the Great Hamster.

@redmanlaw: The coolest ones do. ;->

@nojo: I’ll be able to get a cab from Shakespeare’s, right? I don’t have a rental car.

@Mistress Cynica: That airport is a hoot, you can wave to the nearby office workers on landing. A trip to Shakespeare’s is highly recommended.

@Benedick: Because SWDH is littered with…

Old Macs dating back to a PowerBook G3.

@Mistress Cynica: You’ll have to order ahead. Cabs don’t typically troll the neighborhood.

@nojo: That’s what I figured. One doesn’t hail a taxi in California.

@Mistress Cynica: One doesn’t hail a taxi? Get you Ada for ninepence. If there were taxis it would be Beverly Hills. Or Queens.

@Mistress Cynica: I typically see a cab or two on the drive to Zoo-Vicinity Remote Office Classic, but hailing, no. Unless you’re in the Gaslamp. Which I’m not.

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