Dumb and Dumber

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All those poor poor crows…. at the rate that Faux and Clown News are eating them they will be extinct by tomorrow.

One of TPM’s investors is Netscape zillionaire Marc Andreeson, who probably pitched “pre-roll” ads to accompany their new self-hosted videos, which don’t run on iPads. Thanks, Marc!

To me, this appears to be the equivalent of CNN & Faux posting, “FIRST!” in the comments section.

Oh, and first time-long time. I registered here just to post this comment.
Love this site.

Targa of Targa’s Tirade aka Roger

@Targa: Welcome. Prepare for abuse. With love. Dysfunctional, of course. ;-)

Targa’s Tirade! Get to it, Buster! Lemons are good.

@I’m passing for white: Thanks, IPFW. I’m fairly thick skinned, so I think I can take it. I might wince… an acquired trait. The tirade will be back in action as we get closer to the election.

@SanFranLefty: Thanks San Fran.

@Targa: Hi. See Lefty for your drink coupons. Weekend cocktail hours run from 5 pm Eastern to 3 am Pacific.

@Targa: I’m fairly thick skinned…

I’m not. ;-)

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