Coffee Faucet

Can’t stop watching this … mesmerizing. I don’t have the room (or the money) for one, but … wow. Love the Danes.


@matador1015: I think it’s a combination of the music and not being able to hear the machine. No pricing announced yet.

Love that Danish design . . . I can almost feel the cool.
Will I be able to afford the app? When’s the ship date?

@blogenfreude: Nope, it’s the concept…coffee on tap. Don’t care about noise, or whether it takes up half the kitchen. Coffee. On. Tap.

No one loves the Danes more than I (still working on the invasion) but I’m not liking this much. I like getting up, grinding beans and making a pot of coffee. But then, I think by now you’re all pretty much up to speed with my pomposity.

@BobCens: Copenhagen airport looks like Bang and Olufsen. I have one of their Beosound radios on my desk next to my iMac. Now try and tell me that Apple didn’t rip off the design.

I was disappointed in the Copenhagen airport until I crossed into the Duty Free Zone. It was like the clouds parted and there was everything one wanted.
Everything seems to work in Denmark – just not cheaply.

I suspect that buried in the Apple family is a closet Dane designer trying to earn his freedom to return to that wonderful country.

@Bene: They won’t revoke your Whatevers Letters(?) Patent for drinking COFFEE?

@Benedick: Now try and tell me that Apple didn’t rip off the design.

Homage, pal. Jobs was always forthright about his design influences.

Somewhere on the internets it says this thing costs about 12k euros, roughly 15 grand.

@blogenfreude: I can wait till the knockoff shows up at Home Depot for $150.

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