Runner Up Douchebag of the Day

YouTube disabled the comments for this video. Probably too many calls for this douchebag to stop suing his wife because she wants him to pay his child support.


He has a lot of nerve saying shit about anyone. Where’s proximity and a rock when it’s called for?

Looks like the Hotel California.

@matador1015: I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do.

Wait. Who stole the Maserati in some earlier post?

I had a (er) philosophy professor named Joe Walsh.

(Shurrup, Nojo–it was a survey course in ethics, okay? His political philosophy of Jefferson class rocked.)

@matador1015: I fucking love that song. CwtBotH isn’t home. Maybe I’ll print out the tabs and pull out one his most excellent gittars…


And this one’s for you. <–Haha! There's a Prince wannabe in it!

This sounds too much like the studio version… An ELO move?

@matador1015: “How ya doin’?

I’m picking up the dog doo, hope that it’s hard, you know, doing average ordinary guy Joe Walsh things.

Notice how the camera never moves beyond the second row of his “audience”. Undoubtedly that’s because those dozen or so people visible are the whole audience. He’s speaking to an empty hall, and making those poor old folks crane their arthritic necks around to see him “act” to the empty hall.

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