Voyager 1 Leaves Our Solar System

So in 740 years they can make that shitty first Star Trek movie with the bald Indian chick:


And Kirstie Alley will play planet Jupiter.

@Serolf Divad:
Oh that’s cruel… she’ll play Neptune.

Is it Just Me is such bullshit. Teh Googles are dowwwn for me.

@Mistress Cyn: How do you make a proper mint julep?

Who will play Uranus?

Set controls away from the heart of the sun and hit interstellar overdrive. God speed, little ship.

@JNOV: First, put your silver julep cup in the freezer. Next, make simple syrup with equal parts sugar and water, heat until sugar dissolves. I usually use a cup of each, as it stores indefinitely in the fridge and is handy for mixed drinks or lemonade. Next grab four springs of fresh spearmint–peppermint is all wrong for this. Muddle well in a shaker, add 2 1/2 oz or so of your favorite Kentucky bourbon (I like Maker’s Mark for cocktails, Woodford Reserve for sipping) and a tablespoon or so of simple syrup, depending on how sweet you like things. Shake well. Throw a handful of ice cubes in the blender or food processor and crush well. Carefully remove silver julep cup from freezer by rim, so as not to get unsightly finger marks on beautifully frosted sides. Fill with crushed ice, strain the bourbon mixture over the ice, add a straw for sipping, and retire to the veranda.
Mellbell may have other suggestions, as this is the official drink of the Derby.

As I recall the “official” derby drink required Early Times (they paid for the privilege and also sell a pre-mix (ugh) version).
The formula is people + alcohol = money for Churchill Downs.

I meant to add: horses not required.

@TheMistressCyn: So, Dixie Cups won’t do? They are Soutnern, right?

@RML: God prefers Phish over Metallica based on gut instinct and the weather.

@Hi, Gayle: Ha!

Also, I’m not sure the Save a Lot carries spearmint. Maybe Family Dollar has some sort of something made of glass besides saint candles. I’ll return and report.

@Mistress Cynica: Nailed it. The cherry on the sundae, as it were, is a stainless steel straw, but we plebes make do with plastic.

@mellbell: Tiffany’s used to sell sterling silver straws–don’t know if they still do. In the 70s and 80s the club crowd had them cut in half to use for coke (lower case kind).

@Mistress Cynica: They do. Proof positive that money can’t buy taste.

Mint of any sort (besides gum or candy) is a no go.

Other summertime drinks?

Okay. Bought peppermint extract and Old Bay. ;-)

See now, this is why Stinque is sui generis. I have always believed, being an ignorant Limejuicer, that peppermint was the mint of choice. I always considered spearmint as a mint to be avoided. And now look what I’ve learned. I admit I’m puzzled by the straws issue. Really? Straws? Till mellbell adds the detail of silver. Now that explain everything. Though I find it an inelegant way to get alcohol into my body. Sidebar: the hubby informs me that Monty Clift served gin and tonic in silver goblets. Next time I’m in Tiffany’s (we need kitchen towels) I am so looking for straws.

@JNOV: I found some spearmint growing wild about 10 years ago. I made the mistake of transplanting some into my garden. BIG mistake. It took a number of years to eradicate. Not as bad as Japanese Hops and much more useful, but still can be a nuisance if not careful. Maybe if grown in a large pot it would be ok.

Favorite summertime drink – peach smoothies
Cut up 2 fresh peaches into blender and start on low. Add bourbon and a little sugar to taste followed by ice. Blend on high a minute to crush the ice.

Instead of bourbon and sugar I have used Southern Comfort.

peaches are just starting to be good right now.

@JNOV: An adaptation of the negroni made by my father. Chill glasses – I like highball glasses. I like how they feel in my hand. Yes, I have talked to my shrink about this. Put ice in glass. Put in generous shot of vodka (or gin), splash on Campari to taste. Fill glass with tonic water. Squoosh lime juice over all. Should be fresh-tasting, with the tang of Campari. Delicious. Sidebar: they up the alcohol content of Campari in the US (hooray!). By itself, with soda or tonic, it makes a refreshing summer drink you can sip by the pool that will get you totally shitfaced while feeling like you just flew in from Monaco.

@Benedick: Oh, yes. Some years ago I was with a group of friends waiting outside an Italian restaurant in San Francisco. North Beach, perhaps. The line was quite long and the owner came out and offered us negronis, a drink I had never before tasted. One thing led to another and all I remember after that is thinking that it was a good thing that it was downhill from the restaurant to our hotel.

@Benedick: Apparently spearmint preference is actually cutural: Limeys don’t like it because it’s found in cleaning products exclusively in the Land of Crooked Smiles, whereas Yanks like it because it’s used in gum and candy and all sorts of comestibles here in the Colonies.

On a completely different topic (ie, the original one), there’s a book called The Crystal Spheres by David Brin that talks about this moment in time, when we first send something out to the edge of the heliosphere. Hijinks ensue. It’s a really cool idea, and I highly recommend the story.

Okay — that peppermint stuff? Wooie strong! I’m saving it for Festivus

@DElurker: Yes, yes. Peaches for the win!

@Benedick: Campwut? (I’ll google)

Yes, Must. Get. Highballs. (As the old man said to his reflection.)

I completely forgot about Madrassezzz.

@JNOV: I really enjoy a Gimlet when it gets warm. I have some Greenall’s gin. I need to get some Rose’s lime juice.

Already switched to lighter beers for the summer. Leinie Sunset Wheat and Troegs Dreamweaver are good ones.

@DElurker: TROEGS! Well, I’ve invited mi ma for dinner, and since she just started doing the Fruit in Corona thing, I wanted to give her something sweet that will kick her later. When I was growing up, sometimes she drank Harvey’s Bristol Creme. (Wait — Bristol? Benedick, do we have your people to blame for this? Isn’t burnt toast torture enough?) She liked my non-fat-yogurt smoothies, esp peach and mango, so I think yours is a winner. I love gimlets, but I think her face will go pinchy.

@Benedick: I forgot to google that stuff. One moment, please.

@DElurker: Are you getting hail, or is this thing just hugging the coast? Oh, and weeds! Ugh. I’m trying Burnout in cracks in the concrete and near established plants. So far, so good.

Also must google a natural wasp predator. So far they’re the only things enjoying the butterfly/hummingbird garden. I’m not even sure that hummingbirds migrate through here.

@Benedick: This here stuff? How ginny is it?

@Benedick: Ah. Okay, but no gin. I hate that shit.

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