Gettin’ Real in the Whole Foods Parking Lot

I think I spotted Dodgerblue making a cameo in this video shot in a West L.A. Whole Paycheck.


During my brief sojourn in LA, I did my grocery shopping whenever I saw an empty spot in the Gelson’s parking lot.

And the tip-off that the guy in the video is originally from the Bay Area – he drops a “hella” in there. Another video he has called “You’re Not Berkeley Enough” will be amusing to the five of us here who have lived in the Bay Area or Santa Monica, or at least you should like the line about how his love for “underachieving sports teams” of the Bay Area are the reason why he’s a Clippers fan.

/Apologies to Benedick for posting an incomprehensible comment.

@ManchuCandidate: Yep, that’s the point where I could swear it’s him.

@ManchuCandidate: HAHAHAHAHA!

Hey! If they really wanted to shoot a shitty Whole Paycheck, they should have hit up the one on Fairfax. Crapass Empty Fucking Whole Foods.

Hollywood Farmers Market–that’s the place to be…

@blogenfreude: Thus I put it in that category…

@JNOV: The one in Noe Valley has about five parking spaces. I went there once (using mass transit). I seriously thought that this one yoga mom was going to cut another bitch by the handicapped spot.

The tall guy in the sweatshirt does look like me, but it’s not. I’ve never shopped in the Venice Whole Foods. However, right across Rose Avenue is the great Mexican dive La Cabana, where my lovely wife and I had our first date in 1978.

@SanFranLefty: Weird thing–there are two on the Mainline, and they’re really not that far apart. The one in Wynnewood has a very shitty parking lot. The one in Devon isn’t so bad.

I am really glad I got off that train. Pollan killed Whole Paycheck.

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