Supreme Court Politicized? Say It Ain’t So!

Kevin Drum has trouble believing that conservatives in positions of power won’t do the right thing. Steve M:

If you’re Kevin Drum, you can’t really believe that powerful people who hold positions of great responsibility act like this. You can’t believe, for instance, that they’d saddle their own political primaries with a Sheldon Adelson just because freeing people like him to give unlimited cash pisses us off. Even now, they can’t believe the Supreme Court will overturn a law that reduces government spending, and that Republicans in Congress won’t replace it with something that addresses the country’s real health care problems in some serious way.

But that’s not how it goes anymore. Right-wing decision-makers, first and foremost, want to crush liberalism. They are not acting in good faith. And everyone needs to grasp how seriously messed up a political system is when half its actors are out of control in this way.

It is not right that the decision  you get in federal court depends mostly on whether that judge was appointed by a Republican or a Democrat. And you know that the five conservative sociopaths on the Court will die in their chambers rather than retire.

Will It Turn Out That There Are No Health Care WMDs And The Mandate Never Met Atta In Prague? [No More Mister Nice Blog]

Is it wrong I’m kind of turned on by that picture?

The irony is that the Conservatarded 5’s rigidity to ideology might just open the door all the way for Single Payer.

@ManchuCandidate: Hahahahahaha … HAhahahahahahaha …

Over their cold, dead bodies.

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