Amercian Graffiti

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Okay, we think we’re done playing with InstaMitt. There are only so many Ironic Juxtapositions in the universe.

Amercian Graffiti [stinque@flickr]

I was trying to do something with Paula Deen on a butterstick…no luck.

I do have Cory Booker and Herman Cain! with Mitt.

ADD: And, yeah. Time for a new game.

I see some new Predictive Devices ready to be unveiled during Our Exceptional Election Year. Is that “Bobblehead Barbie” and “BenWa Ball Kitty”?

no rebel flags for mitt and amercia yet? how’s this sound:
the condefecate states of amercia for mitt.
should play well in football stadiums throughout the south this fall along with the nobama shirts and such. it’s funny how many sec fans consider obama a you know what (not socialist or muslim), but the players scoring touchdowns or making game saving tackles are alright guys.

@jwmcsame: I worked with a true-blue University of Kentucky fan way back when Sam Bowie was still a Wildcat. He hated everyone who wasn’t white enough to play for Adolph Rupp, and especially the basketball players at the University of Louisville. For some reason he gave Bowie a pass from the usual racial slurs. He even had a picture of Bowie on display at his home. When I asked him about the inconsistency he explained Bowie was a “different breed”. It made a lasting impression on me.

@Dave H: @jwmcsame: And thank you for reminding me yet again why I fled the South/Texas as soon as I graduated high school and never looked back. Jesus Fucking Christ on a Stick.

@Dave H: a friend of mine a year older than me played for the ky wildcats on the same team with sam bowie and melvin turpin. Derrick Hord from bristol, tn started for 2 years and was all SEC as a junior averaging 16 pts/game. That’s big time basketball.
Derrick went to Ky instead of Tennessee because that’s what you do when big blue offers a full ride. We had just fired our coach while Ky won a national title while Derrick was in high school. Some foolish Tennessee fans hollered bad names at Derrick from the stands at the UT/Ky games in Knoxville. It pissed me off to hear that shit, especially knowing that Derrick could easily come up in the stands and whup somebodies ass if he wasn’t above all that. They didn’t know Derrick had been class president in high school and carried damn near a 4.0 gpa and more importantly was a real good guy who gave me rides home from school when he saw me walking home. It’s amazing some of the shit you hear from people in the south about others they don’t even know.

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