Amercia, Amercia

So Mitt gets all social, paying some geek tool to program an Instamitt app, and it’s really cool! You just take a picture with your iPhone — we chose our Darth Maul mug — select one of the delightful app-provided overlays, and upload it to Twitter!

Hmmm… On second glance, maybe that geek wasn’t such a tool after all.

Romney Campaign Releases “With Mitt” iPhone App, Misspells “America” [BuszFeed]

Amercia Is With Mitt! [The Inevitable Tumblr]



Crap. I am off teh Twitters.

Okey Dokey. I’m back on (Passing4White). Hope they didn’t fix the app yet.

Meanwhile, in Canada — somebody mailed a severed foot to the Conservative Party HQ in Ottawa.

I say this not because you haven’t heard it yet (you probs have), but that the Globe and Mail’s comment section puts the comment sections of every American media outlet to everlasting shame. No shouts of Dumbocrats or Obummer or Repukelicans. No. Some honest attempts at wit. As follows:

Can we all agree that something sinister is afoot?

Probably all that’s left of Pierre Poutine.

Give Harper an inch and he’ll take a foot.

No tip-toeing around this issue…

Now, if only someone could give them the boot.

Yay! Bev Oda finally got her foot out of her mouth!

Step by step, we will get to the bottom of this. Whoever sent the package is soleless.

A very pedestrian prank.

Tories don’t have a leg to stand on!

Harper forgot to finish eating his last victim.

From what I understand, they are preparing legislation to order it back to work.

DERP. @passingwhite

ADD: And app still fackackta

In related news, my 35-year-old dictionary makes it to BuzzFeed.

@nojo: Well done. And, though it didn’t make Buzzfeed’s list, kudos to whoever thought of the kid from Spellbound.

“Andrew Cove ‏@aac

Some poor app designer is getting strapped in a cage on the top of a car and driven across country tonight. #amercia”

@mellbell: I personally liked my Residents album, but that didn’t make anybody’s list.

Well, it does seem that I live in the Untied States of Amercia.

@nojo: I actually know who they are! Kind of. A friend suggested them for a group Halloween costume.

“With Mitt” v.1.0.1 now in the App Store. Update message: “bug fixes”.

@mellbell: Their “Eskimo” (as shown) is one of my favorite albums. But it’s not for normal people.

For the record, Ralph Wiggum is winning the Tumblr.

@nojo: I like the “Slow Chidren” one.

@mellbell: It’s actually a little tricky to get the composition right — the overlay aligns differently from the live image to the completed shot. But ROMNEY ISSUES APP WITH MISALIGNED OVERLAY isn’t exactly viral.

And since this is all the glory I’m gonna get…

I’m two for seven from the shots I tweeted last night.

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