Edwards off the hook for now

“John Edwards is off the legal hook: jurors found him not guilty Thursday on one of six charges of campaign finance fraud, and declared themselves hopelessly deadlocked on the rest. Judge Catherine Eagles had asked the jurors earlier in the day to keep trying for a verdict, but they returned within the hour to say it was impossible.” [NYDN]


I believe I hear Benedick popping champagne . . . unless that’s the sound of Edwards’ security patrol tasing him.

Hotness can be a curse – as I know to my cost. Everyone wants you and no one brings lube.

In the maelstrom of public life even the extremely good-looking can lose their moral compass. I for one am glad that Johnny Earle can get out of that suit and back to wrestling practice. If only I could be there to help him. I’m sure he must have knots in his shoulders and lower back after workouts that leave him drenched in sweat, his favorite old grey tee sticking to his pecs, almost transparent after so many washings.

Who owns the nipples owns the man: Winston Churchill on Rupert Brooks taking a shower.

For Johnny Earle I’m thinking Brooks Bros pale blue 100% cotton boxers, trim cut, smelling faintly of starch and man. Um. What?

@Benedick: “It’s not love if spit won’t fit the bill” or so I’ve heard.

@I’m passing for white: So said my first real romance. Is that an overshare? Hard to tell around here – as the actress said to the bishop.

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