We have no idea who Paula Deen is, or why the Interwebs have taken a liking to animated GIFs of her Riding Things, but in contemplating how to mark the occasion of Stinque Post #6,000, she was all we could think of.

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Store it under Irony. As a larger-than-life celebrity chef, her Southern-influenced recipes were rich and buttery. She was recently diagnosed with diabeetus.

TJ/ The Defense of Marriage Act appeal will be heard in San Francisco the week of September 10th. The case name is Golinski v. Office of Personnel Management (even though the defense is being handled by lawyers for the House leadership).

I think he’s right.

The Two Fat Ladies were easier to watch and didn’t act all crybaby about their food, you know, killing people because of the high calories while shilling a cure (the best cure is not eating any recipe of Paula Deen.)

@matador1015: A few weeks ago at trivia one team called themselves “Paula Deen’s .5-K Walk for Diabetes.” I would have felt a teensy bit bad laughing at the name if I had known that.

I think 6,000 also represents the calories in a Paula Deen meal.

@ManchuCandidate: I used to love them…I love anybody who is able to remain true to themselves, even unto death.

There was a great Paula Deen running punchline on The Big Gay Sketch Show that Mr. ¡A! and I say to each other whenever we’re confronted with an especially calorie-rich meal: “I cain’t feel mah left arm, ya’ll!”

@ManchuCandidate: I liked them.

ADD: One of them died, right?


One of Bene’s faves after SPIDERMAN! The Musical.

Caprica. I keep falling asleep on it. Not the point, though. It was filmed in Canada, wasn’t it? The outdoors scenes (not the greenscreen ones) are too pretty to be in the US.

@JNOV: You know what happens when you put a Jew and a fag in a room? They write a musical.

As to Paula Dean. I’m afraid of southern women in general. And I’m reading the subtle and cookable Elizabeth David.

As to 6,000: Who knew there was that much time to waste?

@¡Andrew!: I smell toast!

@JNOV: This guy is currently starring in Spider Man: The Musical–BOING! Click to enlarge… click it!

P.S. Caprica was filmed entirely in lovely Vancouver, BC.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?:
Yup. My sister introduced me to their show.

Yeah, she died at the end, but not a mockable ironic moment like when Deen was diagnosed with Diabeetus Too as Tommmcatt sez she was true to herself.

@JNOV: Of course you fall asleep to Caprica. And just as it starts to finally come together, BOOM! Canceled.

After four hours, am I getting tired of the Strange Lady flying around on a Butterstick? No. No, I am not.

Boy, accountants can get anyone to talk, can’t they?

@nojo: Please place your latest Apple hotness on the nearest table and step away from the screen. We don’t want to lose you to a Paula Deen overload. I fear for your brain cells.

@flypaper: Convincing Neil Armstrong to stop by for a chat is nothing compared to getting useful information from hyperkinetic business owners.

@¡Andrew!: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Too bad he has a death sentence.

@Benedick: Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder or Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane?

@¡Andrew! and ManchuCandidate: I knew it! IIRC, they flout the union rules, too, right, Bene? But, hey. The Fly, Jr. needs to eat, right?

@nojo: It’s a better sedative than golf.


No, wait. That’s the Geico Piggy.

@Dave H: See, if someone allowed us to post animated gifs…

@nojo: I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I know! I know!

@¡Andrew!: Darling, he’s an understudy and chorine. They all look like that. They call you at 6:30 in the morning to ask if they can meet you before the matinée to talk. You go there wondering how you can break it to -nameless boy dancer- that you are already taken and while you might be open to a mentoring rôle combined with a little wrestling you are not open to deep long-lasting relationships that involve the exchange of fluids in intimate places only to be asked if he should go into modeling or go back to school. This being same dancer who was dumped by a model (female) for being too dumb. Also same dancer who believed that if you didn’t fuck a guy for 18 months you were technically straight. A sweet and lovely boy who now manages a boutique hotel in LA.

All I mean is, appearances are sometimes deceiving.

@ManchuCandidate: Don’t buy her shit at Kmart or wherever either.

I saw her show once. She explained the meaning of “pound cake.” A pound of butter, a pound of flour, a pound of sugar. Sounds good and deadly.

@JNOV: No, darling, writers. Not the trash on stage. Given my own history the old joke has some truth about it.

@JNOV: That is exactly why it’s named what it is. A rose is a rose is a rose.

@Benedick: Have you given my regards to Mr. Bateman and told him I miss “It’s Your Move”? I’ll send you a head shot.

@Benedick: Yeah. I knew you’d call me on that.

@Benedick: Do you know how much it breaks my heart when you parade our past interactions out in public for all to see? DO YOU?

Have a heart, you savage.

@Benedick: OK, I will admit to an intense fascination with Broadway dancers, which is how I discovered the scorching hawt Nick Kenkel*.

* Dear hetero Stinquers,

For the love of all that is holy DO NOT click on this link. This is the one that the Baptists warned will make you instantly go homo.

@¡Andrew!: NO MONEY SHOT!

i see we like a little BDSM, hmmm?

@JNOV: Girls aren’t supposed to know about these videos ; )

@¡Andrew!: Please. Folsom St. Fair.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: Provide a link, huh? It only took Bene like two years and that cheat sheet above the box to figure it out.

Again, I thank Nojo for not posting the number of times I try to fix my typos.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: Did you ever work above 34th street? I did not know that.

@¡Andrew!: Darling, let me explain about costumes. Also dance class. And being below 27. And body fat. You know how good microwave popcorn can smell and you can hardly wait to get it into your mouth? Then you taste it and it’s all grease and heartache? Same with boy dancers.

@¡Andrew!: I looked. No dice. Send me the women’s Brazilian beach volleyball team.

@Benedick: My corner was by 33rd and 3rd, kinda by the bridge.

Oh, wait, you mean as an actor! Such as. I worked at the Douglas Fairbanks back in the 90’s, I’ll have you know. Not broadway but respectable. I was naked for a lot of it, but still.

6000? Holy crap. Should we change the oil and rotate the tires or something?

@Dodgerblue: No Brazilian volleyball here, but how about Hope Solo and the 50 Hottest Female Soccer Players of All Time?

/you’re welcome.

@redmanlaw: Maybe a new clutch?

@redmanlaw: I think we’re still on warranty.

@SanFranLefty: Speaking of outstanding female athletes . . . “When Tebow entered locker room today, several Jets players started chanting, “Lolo! Lolo!”

@nojo: Yeah, but be mindful of the funky weather at some of our outposts. It can mess with the electrical system.

@mellbell: Another judge nukes DOMA and a related law.

Judge Wilkens (mom of my son’s best friend in preschool days) just ruled that the Constitution protects gays and lesbians from “burdensome legislation that is the product of sheer anti gay animus and devoid of any legitimate government purpose.”

Almost makes one proud to be in the legal game.

Mazel Tov Nojo!
related: Stinque Sport: scrabble game back on…3 years and 5 months with minor interruptions.
Lefty, Dodger, get ready to rumble!!!! YOUR turn Dodge.

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