This Person Exists

This is why I will never spend a dime in a Red State ever again. This is why we can’t have nice things. This is why we will never stop fighting the Civil War. This is why we will remain a third-rate first-world country. This is ignorant. This is stupid. This:


See what I mean? Brittle and frightening at the same time.

Though I must say she has better message discipline than the Romney Campaign.

This woman brought a dull, rusty knife to a gunfight.

I am sick of living in the same country as these people. I am especially sick and fucking tired of my blue state tax dollars going to support their fat, ignorant red state asses.

@Mistress Cynica: Whenever I get mad about it, I think about the things that they enjoy: Real Housewives of New Jersey, Nascar, Corndogs.

That’s as good as it is gonna get for these fools. It’s a sad life when the best you can hope for is another episode of Two-And-A-Half-Men.

I actually listened to this on CNN when they ran it (in my car on Sirius). I knew it’d be all over the internet soon after. The sad thing is that no bogus voter ID law will ever be passed that inconveniences or hinders her ability to express her heinous preferences at the polls. It is because of the preponderance of people like this that the South is solidly GOP.

This church is in Raleigh, in North Carolina, a state Obama won.

Such a fat husk for such a bitter, shriveled soul.

what Mistress and Nojo said….

the stupid, it BURNS.

@blogenfreude: Raleigh/Durham was one of the few areas in NC that voted against Amendment One, due to the preponderance of intelligent Yankees in the Research Triangle.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: That’s all they deserve. And they’re watching this shit while they stuff their fat faces with high fructose corn syrup and cheetos, with the resulting diabetes and other diseases costing taxpayers billions in health care costs. In the wise words of FCS, “Die, DIE, you fucking scum!!” (I know that as a real Christian, you would never say such a thing, or probably even think it. As an atheist I have no such inhibitions, thank god.)

I wonder how many offspring this lump has already borne and is twisting into stunted anti-Christian, prejudiced, homophobic haters. Let’s hope for their sake they all get out of that single-wide ASAP.

@Mistress Cynica: For 2005 – NC got $1.08 back for every dollar, NY, my state, got $0.79 back.

Back-up hubby, Nick Kenkel, and I do not approve of this message.

What a shame . . . people like this make a beautiful state like North Carolina such a ugly place. And there’s plenty more like this one living there. There’s more “churches” than indoor plumbing facilities..

North Carolina, meet your new Senatard.

Actually, bringing all this hatred out in the open is a positive development. No more code words, dog whistles, or crypto-fascism. Glenn Greenwald remarked years ago (2004?) that the AmeriKKKan right-wing has absolutely no positive agenda. All it has is greed and harnessing the hatred necessary to get the morans to vote in their favor.

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