George Tierney Jr. of Greenville South Carolina is Officially Over

Sayeth tbogg:


I think we’ve all learned something in this Very Special Episode of teh interwebz.

I’m guessing George Tierney Jr of Greenville South Carolina’s Daddy had some stern words with him about his un-gentleman-like behavior and how he had embarrassed his parents.

TBogg: “Obsessing over him is not productive and, more importantly kind of creepy.”

Oh, come on, dude. This is the Internet.

Maybe, maybe not. That isn’t the “original” twitter account of George Tierney Jr. of Greenville, SC.

Be that as it may (someone said Twitter banned him), it seems a bit of a stretch that the apology was written by the same George Tierney Jr. of Greenville, SC who wrote “I think anyone who votes obama, needs a included ass monkey.”

Look at the use of commas.

Appears to me that someone with a reasonable level of literacy is helping poor George Tierney Jr. of Greenville, SC out. I’m sure he is very sorry. Assuming he’s learned “don’t say stupid shit on Twitter,” we’ll never know whether he understands how wrong he is on the original issue for which he went after Sandra Fluke. But in that regard, he has a lot of company (“Limbaugh infamously dispatched a young woman who expressed her opinion that the government should provide free birth control” — that was not what Sandra Fluke said).

@karen marie still has her eyes tight shut: The original account seems to have been banned or canceled the other day, immediately followed by the new account. Folks presumed the new account was still Junior’s, but I’m not aware of any confirmation.

Someone took his Twitter handle and replaced the i with an l, no?

@mellbell: Well, since the “new” account is gone, here’s what I vaguely remember…

I tweeted the new handle in a series of running gags, and @geotie2323 responded — I still have the response in TweetDeck. When I looked at the account page, all the old tweets seemed to be there — same account, new handle.

But I can’t testify to that. Satisfied me at the moment, but I can’t double-check now.

@mellbell: Then again: You’re right. The account TBogg is featuring is @geotle2323 (with an L). And no “Jr.”, which my @geotie2323 response has. Junior made very clear early on that he’s not Senior.

@mellbell: And just to further confirm your hunch…

TBogg posts the “new follower” email he received from Twitter. It provides, as usual, the follower account stats: “0 Tweets, 32 Following, 2 Followers”.

That ain’t Junior.

Hey, I’ve resurrected Barrack’s Twitter feed after a long silence. We have 71,000 + followers. If someone has insights into Barrack’s thinking on election-related topics, lemme know.

@FlyingChainSaw: Where’s your post, man? Stop fucking around. ;-P

@FlyingChainSaw: He should call Mitt a pussy and dare him to a fistfight in the rose garden.

This is the level of maturity both campaigns aspire to of late.

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