Strangers on a Train

We’re not a big fan of flash mobs — sure, we can be suckered in by a Sound of Music dance-off, but you have to top what we’ve already seen to get our attention. Something like, oh, we dunno, cramming an orchestra into a subway car.

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You know big shit is going down when someone pulls out a bassoon on the subway.

Little baby at the end is like: “Huh… so this is a train ride, then? I kinda like it.”

Geez, just when i thought the world was surely headed for hell in a tattered handbasket (and picked through by the TSA) this comes along.

Catalogue under “brief peaceful interlude on the human directed runaway train to extinction.”

@tomfoolery: You mean like the quartet that played while the Titanic went down?

Loved the look on the first little girl’s face. She is so gonna be an ork dork.

Aright, so I don’t understand but do love that subway (it’s still being built) and wish I was in that lovely city right now.

I can’t help thinking how LOUD it must have been. And also, I wonder how long it took to shoot. Clearly it’s not one take as it’s got various set-ups, and such as.

I still want them to invade.

@Benedick: From the video description:

The sound: The Copenhagen Metro is very quiet and the recording you hear is where the train is standing still. That’s why the recording you hear is so clean and crisp – and the sound is actually surprisingly good in the Copenhagen metro. We did this deliberately because we feel that a good sound experience is vital when trying to portray the actual experience that day. Further to the main recording, when the train was standing still, the recordings from the cameras was, as far as possible, mixed into the sound.

Right. Winds are not going to want to play on a moving platform. Even the firemen’s bands play on trucks that move at a crawl in parades.

@FlyingChainSaw: Is this where I can I can claim to have been a badass because in high school marching band I could play a 6-measure run of 16th notes on my ‘netto all while booking it across 20 yards of field? And yet, I was still a chump compared to what those DCI kids can do.

@nojo: So it was shot like a movie. Sorry to be the pickle in the ice cream. I don’t really care. I’m grateful to be able to see the subway. It takes you right to the airport. Which looks like Bang and Olufsen. I’m going to cry.

@Benedick: I would say that it was shot to be “representative” of the experience that day. The human ear can tune out extraneous noise better than a microphone.

@nojo: Not to flog a dead herring but all I mean is that it was shot like a movie then edited to give the illusion of being spontaneous. Which is sort of the opposite of what a flash mob is supposed to be. But that’s OK. Angry Birds Space just got updated, so I’m jake.

@Benedick: Yes, but the circumstances were explained on the YouTube page where the video was originally posted. So it’s not like they’re hiding anything.

But: The orchestra did camp out and play on the subway car that day, as represented, if not literally captured as one performance in the video they provided. And the sound used in the video was recorded in situ.

What you want — which is entirely fair — is, say, somebody’s iPhone video of a performance, and not the edited “documentary” version. And there’s probably one or a dozen out there.

Because I’ve been deconstructing video images since way back, I could tell there was a lot of post-production involved. It didn’t look, or sound, like your typical subway phone-cam video. (Cinéma vérité requires so much work.) Still, it appeared to capture the essence of what those riders must have felt that morning.

@matador1015: I’ll never get over one-cam TV field interviews where they cut to the reporter nodding.

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