Climb Ev’ry Staircase

Via Sully, a YouTube clip of Antwerp’s rail station making the rounds. We’d let it pass, except for this in the comments:

I think i’d laugh at first then be worried it’s contageous and it was the first sign of a zombie apocalypse and then bail… (hottubmolly)

The world is seeking answers, and we’ll provide them Sunday.

Centraal Station Antwerpen gaat uit zijn dak! [YouTube]

If it is the first sign of a Zombie apocalypse, I hope the Zombies break into the Fox studios while Glenn Back is filming live. I’d love to see that scene unfold in real time.

Oh sure, it’s cool now. Back in high school when I did this sort of thing they beat me up and called me a show choir fag.

Prisoners doing Thriller was cooler. Guy in an Elmo suit dancing to U2’s “Vertigo” – also cooler. Points for kids coming down stairs. In the US America, the video would end with them being beaten by cops.

@homofascist: Well, what do you expect, they’re European.

Now see, if I’d chosen a video from a recent Sully post to muse over, it would be the “vagina full of AIDS” guy. Earnest fundie rant or high satire? You decide! (Also, he’s completely adorable.)

Those Zombies were so fucking precious! What’s next? Thomas Kinkade® Zombies?

I’m looking forward to enormous-eyed kitteh zombies.

@redmanlaw: In the US America, all the passersby would be too overweight and dressed in mismatched State University apparel to bring this off.

I just love that everyone hanging around the Antwerp station looks so put together. Of course, they have to live in 40 square meter “flats”, so nyah nyah nyah.

They’re all so…perky. I hate perky.

@Nabisco: The residents of Santa Monica and Ojai looked fairly fit and attractive on my recent swing out there. Zombies would have to go further inland or stake out a buffet in Vegas to get something with more on the bones than those folks.

BTW, favorite restaurant in Ventura County per an recent alternative paper poll I saw: Carrow’s.


I think it was the wig and liederhosen, darling.

“In the US America, the video would end with them being beaten tasered by cops.”

Fixed that for you.

Como se dice “don’t tase me bro” en Flemish?

The Brits did this back in January…but theirs was in the name of a gigantic corporation, which takes an edge off the warm fuzzies.

TJ: I’m being interviewed for German public radio this afternoon about the Obama enviro program. Mrs. DB has wisely advised me not to say that Obama has the “final solution” to global warming etc. Calling Mel Brooks! Mr. Brooks!

@Dodgerblue: “Is that your final solution?”

(Yes, watched Slumdog last weekend.)

@nojo: @homofascist: Do you not remember the online quiz of a few years ago, Gay or Eurotrash?

@nojo: “Albert Speer couldn’t have done a better job!”

breaking/ a friend who is a snarky Indian lawyer gal from Santa Clara Pueblo just got named deputy counsel to Gov. Beel Reechardson. I’m buying her a drink either to celebrate or to commiserate, whichever she feels appropriate.

@Dodgerblue: As Basil Fawlty would say, don’t mention the war!


Have you guys seen the dude who dances with people all over the globe? It’s a YouTube chewing gum commercial, but it’s teh awesome.

@JNOV: Videos of dancing Star Wars storm troopers in Japan does it for me. Son of RML showed me a video of some hip comic the kids like dancing and it were lame. I guess his inability to dance is the humor there. BTW, Darth Vader and some storm troopers visited my nephew little Wolverine in the hospital last month.

Darth’s to do list:

Blow up planet.
Torture princess.
Visit children’s hospital.

@redmanlaw: Haha! And those prisoners doing Thriller were awesome! I’m gonna see if I can find this guy. It’s a sweet video.

For some reason I can’t cut and paste the URL…

Ah, there we go. It gets really good at about 56 seconds or so.

@Dodgerblue: make sure you don’t slip up on “ethically clean”.

@JNOV: Yeah, I’ve seen that. The guy looks like a total doofus (sez the white guy) but it would be worth it for the places he made it to.

@Nabisco: The reporter was a 6 foot tall, blue eyed Amazon goddess with the most charming accent. I tried not to drool during the interview.

@Dodgerblue: Is this interview on the Tubez? My mental image of the reporter is Dr. Elsa Schneider from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

@SanFranLefty: Radio only, which is probably a good thing so that a video of me making a drooling fool of myself isn’t featured on YouTube.

Impending full moon + PMS + tragic earthquake 60 miles from here = I’m totally crying at that video. I’m sorry, but I fucking loved it. I wish more random acts of happy art would erupt like that, everywhere, every day. The world needs more of it.

@RomeGirl: My 6 y.o. daughter pointed out the full moon tonight during her brother’s little league practice, and after skipping around joyfully suddenly burst out in tears for no apparent reason. I realized that I probably have another four years tops before she is a complete mystery to me.

Oh, and one of my son’s teammates referred to me as “Nabisco Jr’s grandpa”. Yeah, great….

I fell in love with the woman who was on from 35 seconds to 37 seconds. Thats happens to me a lot. Reminded me of that chick from The Swimming Pool, and The Verdict.

@RomeGirl: Are your friends and/or families in that area of Italy all accounted for? Mr. SFL’s former boss, who is Italian-American and lives here in the States, is from one of the hardest hit towns and lost his entire extended family in the earthquake.

This vision of the zombie apocalypse / cannibal anarchy makes me wildly, weepily optimistic. Except I don’t know how I can move to Belgium…

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