Carroll Shelby (1923-2012)

Bill Cosby famously had a routine wherein he wondered why his Shelby had a fire extinguisher in the passenger compartment. He clearly did not understand race cars. But what car is more pure, more beautiful. than this:

RIP Carroll Shelby.


I attended the 12 Hours race at Reims, France in — what — 1965, when the Cobra Coupe locked up the World Manufacturers Championship. I have some nice pix.

@blogenfreude: Thanks, but no need. I memorized 200 mph forty years ago.

@redmanlaw: Mmmmmm, over 200, over 200…

I think I caught Cosby at the right moment: The original run of albums, which my dad bought. This was before the cartoon, before the pudding, before the family series (which my mom really liked); just the stand-up. Between storyteller Cosby and language-enthusiast Carlin, my life was set.

The thing about 200 mph is that Cosby caps it with a topical joke about George Wallace — something he rarely did. The other thing is that it’s an epic story — I don’t recall any other Cosby routine that stretched that long. He could have done it as a one-act play.

@nojo: I remember the bit about Noah and the Lord.

BTW, back on topic, there’s a pic in today’s LA Times (hard copy) of Shelby and Steve McQueen hanging out, talking about McQueen’s Cobra. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

@Dodgerblue: Ali McGraw might have something to say about Steve McQueen’s Cobra.

@nojo: The AOR AM station used to have a hour long comedy show on Sunday nights at 11 where I heard Cosby’s stuff. I loved him as a standup, Seinfeld, too. Elle was a great standup when she started, Rosenne, loved Paula Poundstone . . . but I’m lovin’ Katt Williams these days.

@redmanlaw: I caught a couple minutes of Katt before the Daily Show the other night, and the half that wasn’t bleeped was solid. Dude knows how to command a stage, which can’t be said for all stand-ups.

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