Come to Think of It, We’re Overdue for a Bad News Bears Remake

“Our Lady of Sorrows, a school run by a breakaway Catholic sect, has forfeited the league’s high school baseball championship rather than put their team up against a squad that includes a girl.” [ThinkProgress]


Hollywood beat you to it. Bad News Bears (2005)

Hey, they’re already remaking Spider-Man (2002), so I’m not that far off.

“Environment-Friendly Hollywood Achieves 91 Percent Recycled Content”
~The Onion

When the hell are those lazy bastards gonna get around the remaking the Harry Potter movies?

Meanwhile, on the Sandy Eggo primary ballot, Superior Court Judge:

• Gary George Kreep

• Garland Peed

Vote for Kreep! No, vote for Peed!

@nojo: All I know is that, if Emma Stone is in it, I’m going to see it. No. Not Jim Carrey creepy, just a fan.

There was a woman in a hijab in my wilderness first aid class last weekend who would not allow the instructor to see her lower back to apply makeup for a diagnostic scenario we were running. I don’t think she came back the next day.

Meanwhile, in New York a prosecutor has come under fire for allowing leaders of an ultra-orthodox sect handle accusations of sexual abuse internally:

Seriously, these insular, far-right sects resemble a cult as much as anything else, and the deference that we as a society are supposed to show them is infuriating.

@Serolf Divad: Fundamentalism is fucked up, regardless of the faith. On my recent flight from JFK to Europe there were a few ultra-Orthodox Jewish families on it (so Orthodox to include the wives wearing hats/wigs and sitting separately in the waiting area from the men, and sitting separately as a group of women and children on the plane) and as the plane was getting ready to push away from the gate, one of the men who was a few rows behind us was threatened by the Dominican-American flight attendant that she would have him thrown off the plane if he didn’t sit down in his seat. Why was he refusing to sit in the seat? Because a black man was assigned the seat next to him. The flight attendant moved the black man up a few rows in front of us. It was a terrible thing to witness. The black man’s wife wound up being seated next to Mr. SFL. The flight attendants (besides the woman who threatened to kick him off, there were several black and Hispanic attendants) proceeded to treat him with the utmost of disdain for the next 9 hours of the flight – I thought he was brave to eat the kosher meals they were handing him. I would have preferred that the flight attendant had thrown him off and told him that American Airlines doesn’t condone that sort of behavior, but there probably is some corporate policy to accommodate or show deference to people, even when they express such attitudes. (thus in a long-winded way getting to your point there).

@Serolf Divad: Sharia Law is okay as long as it’s not Muslim.

@SanFranLefty: I hope they served him pork ribs a l’urine.

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