Dick’s Greatest Shits

Title: “Screwed! How Foreign Countries Are Ripping America Off and Plundering Our Economy — and How Our Leaders Help Them Do It”

Authors: Dick Morris and Eileen McGann

Rank: 38

Blurb: “In this eye-opening new book, Morris contends that Condoleezza Rice, secretary of state in George W Bush’s second cabinet, is the only Republican on the national scene with the credentials, credibility, and popularity to lead the Republican Party in 2008. And he outlines how the Democratic Party, fresh from its narrow yet crushing defeat in 2004, is likely to return to its one source of political power in the last several decades — the Clinton family.”

Review: “All over America, black leaders are wondering how in hell they are going to explain to their constituents that voting for a white woman from Wellesley will advance the cause of blacks more than voting for a black woman from Birmingham, Alabama.”

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Footnote: Oops, we’re sorry. We got the details mixed up with Dick’s blockbuster prognostication, Condi vs. Hillary.

Screwed! [Amazon]

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1. Condi who? You mean that incompetent who got steamrolled by Dick “Dick” Cheney and Rummy?

2. Isn’t this the pattern for Dick “Dick” Morris?
2.1 Take problem caused in large part by GOPer supporters (CEOs)
2.2 Conclude Demrats/liebruls are to blame
2.3 Sell books to Wingnut Tink Tanks and fools who think they’re smurt
2.4 Be proven wrong by history.
2.5 Make some money
2.6 Using said money to pay for licking feet of hooker
2.7 Repeat

Call with Ma Bureau today yielded news that Pa Bureau’s colonoscopy found several benign polyps. Which means my checkup for same is advanced from 50 to 40.

Conversations with the folks are like that for me. Blunt, yet very practical and sensible. Somewhat disconcerting, yes. But still.

Wait, how can a defeat be narrow yet crushing? Unless he means “crushing will to live” or something, which I’d buy.

As far as I know Morris appears only on Fox News, and that tells you everything you need to know.

Happy Mom’s Day from Mad Men… yikes.

Wait. So there was no book club mad men mash up last night?

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